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On the first day of its fiscal year, Jones Company issued $6,000,000

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On the first day of its fiscal year, Jones Company issued $6,000,000 of five-year, 8% bonds to finance its operations of producing and selling home electronics equipment. Interest is payable semiannually. The bonds were issued at an effective interest rate of 11%. Refer to the tables in Appendix A for present value factors.

a.     Record the entries for the following:
1.     Sale of the bonds.
2.     First semiannual interest payment. (Amortization of discount is to be recorded annually.)
3.     Second semiannual interest payment.
4.     Amortization of discount at the end of the first year, using the straight-line method. Round to the nearest dollar.

b.     Determine the amount of the bond interest expense for the first year.

Appendix a:
Present value of $1 at Compound interest Due in N periods
N 10
5.5% = 0.58543

Present value of ordinary annuity of $1 per period
N 10
5.5% = 7.53763
Good day!

Thank you for requesting me.

Please clarify.

Effective interest method will be used for required a.1, 1a.2 and b. Do I get that right?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, i think so? I am not really sure what that means!

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