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Review the documents on pages 88-101 in your textbook. Reflect

Customer Question

Review the documents on pages 88-101 in your textbook. Reflect on these documents and the rest of Chapter 2; then write a 1-2 page essay analyzing the issue of freedom in the lives of colonial women. How much freedom did colonial women have? What factors could effect that freedom? Be sure to evaluate the importance of race, class, and religion to this issue.

Be sure to include specific examples from the course readings to support your points and to cite in the proper APA style.


1607 English settlers found Jamestown
1608 French settlers found Quebec, and
Spanish found Santa Fe
1614 Dutch settlers establish a trading
post on the Hudson River
1619 First Africans arrive in the
Chesapeake region
1620 Puritans found Plymouth Colony
1620– Tobacco brides arrive in
1621 Jamestown
1620– Height of the tobacco
1660 boom in the Chesapeake
1622 “Mary,” an African
woman, arrives in
Jamestown as a slave
1630 Puritans found Massachusetts Bay
1634 Maryland settled as a haven
for English Catholics
1636 Rhode Island founded as a
haven for refugees from
Massachusetts orthodoxy
1637 Anne Hutchinson’s trial
and banishment from
Massachusetts for challenging
clergy and gender assumptions
1639 Ursuline community begun in
1643 Virginia tax law distinguishes
African women from white
1647 Peter Stuyvesant arrives in New
1647 Margaret Brent asks for two
votes in Maryland’s assembly
1654 First Jews arrive in North America
from Brazil
1662 Virginia law makes
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  ResearchPro replied 8 years ago.
When do you need this?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
for today may 27 2009
please do itas soon as possible because I was suppose to turn it in on 05/26/09
Expert:  ResearchPro replied 8 years ago.

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