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Recall a situation in your life in which you took a position

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Recall a situation in your life in which you took a position on an issue. The issue could concern a political matter, a family or community topic, or a moral or ethical problem.
? Address the following in a 100- to 150-word response in part B of the post:
o State the issue, the position you took, and the considerations that helped you determine your position.
o Did you suspend judgment before taking a position, or did you immediately take a position on the issue? Explain your answer.
o Did you use logic when looking into the issue, or was the position you took based on a moral value judgment? Explain your answer.
o Did you solve a problem, make a decision, or take action as a result of taking the position you did? Explain your answer.
7. Assignment:
Is the assignment just to write 100-150 words that answer these questions, or is there something more?

When do you need it by?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I can get you something shortly. Let me know if you have a particular situation in mind. Otherwise, I'm going to discuss putting down the family dog, since I had that experience recently.

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