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EXAM 50084100 1. An example of a nonprogrammed decision

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EXAM 50084100

1. An example of a nonprogrammed decision for a clothing manufacturer is
A. allocating bonuses to employees.
B. acquiring a new supplier for cloth.
C. deciding to market products using the Internet.
D. selecting which customers to offer discounts to.

2. Natalie works in Young Women’s fashions in a department store. Within this department she specializes in knitware. This is an example of which of the following departmental schemes?
A. Customer, functional
B. Product, customer
C. Function, process
D. Customer, product

3. In a computer firm, a project team is called together to develop a new product. This would probably be an example of _______ organization.
A. committee
B. matrix
C. line
D. line and staff

4. Tom and Molly have started a new company that designs, sells, and produces customerdesigned greeting cards using computer graphics. Currently, they have four employees. The most suitable form of organization at this point is
A. committee.
B. line and staff.
C. matrix.
D. line.

5. Which of the following is a characteristic of a work team?
A. Pursues a specific mission
B. Performs day-to-day work
C. Coordinates work
D. Meets intermittently to discuss workplace problems

6. A team has been discussing what type of framework they should use for the project and
who will do what. They’re in the stage of
A. norming. C. storming.
B. performing. D. forming.

7. The consumer electronics department of a company is assigned a sales quota for the next
quarter. What kind of planning does this illustrate?
A. Tactical C. Adaptive
B. Operational D. Strategic

8. Active listening occurs when
A. there’s empathy with the speaker’s situation.
B. people are rehearsing what they want to say when the speaker is finished.
C. the receiver tries to catch the speaker in a mistake.
D. the receiver feels the sender is gaining some advantage.

9. What is an appropriate attitude toward team conflict?
A. The team leader is to blame. C. Affective conflict can be fruitful.
B. Team conflict is essentially negative. D. Cognitive conflict can be fruitful.

10. Which of the following leadership styles involves employees the most?
A. Democratic leadership C. Free-rein leadership
B. Autocratic leadership D. Empowerment

11. Before an employee would worry about job security, _______ needs must be satisfied.
A. social C. esteem
B. physiological D. actualization

12. Which of the following is a Theory X assumption?
A. Employees view work as a normal activity as natural as play or rest.
B. Employees view job security as the most important factor associated with their work.
C. Employees typically accept and even want to take responsibility for their work.
D. Employees will exercise self-direction when they’re committed.

13. Terence works for a division of a large manufacturing organization that has recently been instructed by the head office to cut staff numbers by 40. His management has said that they’ll accomplish this by outsourcing, which means that
A. the number of employees will be reduced by eliminating unessential jobs.
B. employees will be offered early retirement plans.
C. many functions will now be contracted externally.
D. management will take fewer bonuses.

14. Job enrichment appeals to which of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
A. Self-actualization C. Social
B. Esteem D. Physiological

15. A company advocating Theory Z principles would always
A. ensure that staff rise through the ranks quickly.
B. ensure that the staff take part in the company’s decisions.
C. follow a specialized career path.
D. be accountable for the actions of the group.

16. In your job in the new-product development section of a manufacturing company, which
one of the following technologies would be of most benefit to you?
A. Robot
B. Computer-aided design
C. Computer-aided manufacturing
D. Computer-integrated manufacturing

17. When performing a SWOT analysis, an auto manufacturer realizes that its major competitor
just lost a costly lawsuit over vehicle safety. The competitor’s situation will be analyzed
as a/an
A. threat. C. strength.
B. opportunity. D. weakness.

18. Which was the first act of the U.S. government designed to limit the power of unions to
practice the coercing of employees to join unions, discriminating against non-union
employees, and prohibiting closed shops?
A. National Labor Relations Act C. Landrum-Griffin Act
B. Taft-Hartley Act D. Norris-LaGuardia Act

19. Which of the following results in a union contract?
A. Grievance C. Collective bargaining
B. Mediation D. Arbitration

20. A company’s founders or top management will express their vision in a/an
A. quote. C. SWOT analysis.
B. marketing plan. D. mission statement.

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