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Need the answers to penn foster exams 04302300, 03810501, and

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Need the answers to penn foster exams 04302300, 03810501, and 08300402
You have mentioned medical assisting but i think the three exams are something related to computers.Aren't they?

If so can you upload the questions as PF has been changing its questions recently
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes. all 3 r computer related exams
Ok,i will move this question to computer category.In the mean time can you just give me the first question of part 04302300 to help me confirm that the questions are sane as before.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
exam 04302300

1. Which of the following is correct concerning the Pick a Help topic feature of Windows Help?

a. it allows you to browse by category
b. its one of the only two Help features available in the window
c. its organized like the index of a book
d. although it lists Help topics, the feature can't be used to access the actual Help information

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
On exam 03810501 i got 6 wrong. If ur interested in comparing questions let me know...perhaps u have the wrong answers or penn foster switched question..but like i said if ur interested let me know..i have the right answers now
well that is why i said you needed to compare the answers.

Expert kara T also had the same set of answers that i had.We both had the same answers and yes the question sets might have changed which i had earlier warned you of.

It would be better if you upload the questions again so that i can compare the answers and you dont get any answers wrong in the next two sets.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Im still happy with my services! The other 2 were perfect. It seems like u may have windows XP instead of Vista.?.

exam 03810501

4. In Windows Vista, the mouse option is located in the control panel under which option?
a .appearance and personalization
b. clock, language, and region
c. hardware and sound
d. mouse and keyboard
answer is C

7. In Windows Vista, the Run command can be found in which application?
a. all programs
b. start menu
c. control panel
d. accessories
answer is A

13. In Windows Vista, which process allows you to change the desktop background?
a. click Start button, choose Control Panel, and select Display Properites.
b. Right-click on the desktop; in the menu that appears; select Display Properties.
c. Click the Windows ion button, choose Control Panel, select the Appearance and Personalization option, and double-click Change desktop background.
d. Click the Windows icon button, choose Control Panel, and select Display Properties.
answer is C

17. In Windows Vista, which location contains the Printer Link?
a. appearance and personalization
b. harware and sound
c. printer and faxes
d. start menu
answer is B

19. In Windows Vista, which button is used to create a new folder?
a. organize
b. windows icon
c. file
d. views
answer is A

20. Which button is used to open the Start menu in Windows Vista?
a. organize
b. windows icon
c. control panel
d. views
answer is B

Well you are funny and i am glad that the other two sets were perfect and yes i do have XP installed.

Sorry for getting you six answers wrong.These few questions were rearranged by PF.These are pretty simple questions.

Now it would be great if you can accept my answer so that i could get paid for my efforts and time.