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Define marketing. Explain the importance of marketing in organizational

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Define marketing.
Explain the importance of marketing in organizational success.
Describe the elements of the marketing mix.
Explain the importance of the marketing mix in the development of marketing strategy and tactics.



There are several strategies in marketing which can be used to identify, create and satisfying relationship with the customers whic benefits both the customer and the marketer.



now a days marketing is very necessary for almost every organization in the world. if the company wants to get success and want to earn more profit so it should have to follow the several marketing strategies in which one of the basic strategy is a days even sitting in home we know about the world famous companies because of advertisment.if the company doesn't advertise its product and its name so it will be almost impossible for them to accomplish their goal efficiently in such a competative in the present time company which are known almost all over the world are PEPSI,LG,SONY,PHILIPS etc.


elements of marketing mix...

it is also known as 4p's.

  1. product
  2. price
  3. place
  4. promotion


to get a succes and accomplish your goals efficeintly and effictively the 4p's means marketing mix has a great importance....the company should keep in mind all the features of their product while advertising..they can creat a new feature in the product to get edge on the other product.they can do it by considering a price means they offer the same feature product which is already available in the market on a low pricr so they can grow their sales..and if they provide the services in those areas where there is no services provides by the compertators so the company can make a good image there.promotion represents various communications ways to generate/promote the personal selling and the company can do it by offering their product on door steps..........


to be successful in the competative market world the company than can't avoid those 4p's......


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