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True/False 1. The goal of the firm should be the maximization

Resolved Question:

1.     The goal of the firm should be the maximization of profit. True
2.     For the risk-averse financial manager, the more risky a given course of action, the higher the expected return must be.
3.     When the present financial ratios of a firm are compared with similar ratios for another firm in the same industry it is called trend analysis.
4.     The money market is usually thought of as dealing with long-term debt instruments issued by firms with excellent credit ratings.
5.     The U.S. tax system favors the use of debt as a means of raising capital for businesses.
6.     Depreciation expense can be obtained from the cash budget.
7.     Pro forma statements provide single point estimates of each budgeted item.

8.     One characteristic of an annuity is that an equal sum of money is deposited or withdrawn each period.

9.     When repaying an amortized loan, the interest payments increase over time.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Falak Naz replied 8 years ago.

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