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1. Which one of the following is a good way to deal with

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1.   Which one of the following is a good way to deal with frustration?

     A. Become angry at our friends
     B. Keep our feelings inside

     C. Try to remove the obstacle that's blocking the goal

     D. Give up without trying and move on to something easier

2.   If you reach a "plateau period" in your job,

     A. be patient and learn all you can about the job.
     B. immediately begin to look for another job.

     C. complain to your supervisor.

     D. something serious has gone wrong.

3.   The condition of being prevented from reaching a goal by events that are beyond your control is known as

     A. aggression.
     B. a plateau period.

     C. frustration.

     D. lack of motivation.

4.   When people don't clearly recognize the obstacle causing their frustration, they

     A. usually won't become aggressive.
     B. are said to be experiencing a minor frustration.

     C. won't resort to physical violence.

     D. will probably strike out at any convenient target.

5.   Which of these is an example of a plateau period?

     A. You're excited about starting a new job.
     B. You take up a sport you've always been interested in.

     C. A community group invites you to become a member.

     D. Your bowling average is stuck at 170.

6.   The chief reason that family and friends are frequent targets of aggression is that

     A. they cause the most frustration.
     B. they're convenient.

     C. frustration-producing obstacles are often unclear.

     D. as obstacles, they're unremovable.

7.   A good way to spend a mini-vacation is to

     A. do as little as possible in the time you have.
     B. try an activity you're interested in learning.

     C. do as much as possible in the time you have.

     D. use the time to reach a plateau period.

8.   The most serious problem with aggression is that

     A. it can cause property damage.
     B. we remove the obstacle that is the cause of our frustration.

     C. we aim it at people or things that are not the cause of our frustration.

     D. it's sometimes necessary to change our goals.

9.   Which one of the following actions is more appropriate for dealing with major frustrations than with minor frustrations?

     A. Blowing off steam
     B. Using positive self-talk

     C. Performing a physical activity

     D. Gaining control of your life

10.   The first step in using time more efficiently is

     A. getting to bed earlier.
     B. limiting recreational activities.

     C. developing a plan.

     D. studying how successful people use time.

11.   When we often interrupt a person who's speaking to us, we're likely to give the impression that

     A. we're really interested in what the speaker is saying.
     B. we're knowledgeable about the topic of discussion.

     C. we want to hear more about the topic being discussed.

     D. we aren't really listening to what the speaker is saying.

12.   The best source of internal motivation is from

     A. positive self-talk.
     B. a good job.

     C. coworkers' approval.

     D. relaxation.

13.   Which of these is a successful time management strategy?

     A. Plan for more activities than you can possibly do.
     B. Make a schedule and stick to it whatever happens.

     C. Allow enough time to complete the activities you've planned.

     D. Allow the same amount of time for every activity.

14.   The most common listening problem is

     A. paying attention but misinterpreting the message.
     B. trying to listen to two people at once.

     C. not giving other people a chance to talk.

     D. assuming what the other person has to say isn't important.

15.   Which of these statements is false?

     A. Even good relationships can be damaged.
     B. Damaged relationships can be repaired.

     C. Others may notice a problem with a relationship before the people involved.

     D. The first sign of a problem with a relationship is a feeling of anger.

16.   Which of these will probably cause frustration?

     A. Getting stuck in an elevator on the way to an appointment
     B. Deciding to take an extra hour for lunch

     C. Spending too much money

     D. Feeling tired at work because you stayed out too late

17.   A fourth step occasionally required to repair damaged relationships is

     A. looking at the problem from the other person's point of view.
     B. communicating honestly and openly about the problem.

     C. deciding that the relationship is worth saving.

     D. changing the behavior that caused the problem.

18.   Which of these is most important to success in your job?

     A. Showing up and being on time
     B. Keeping busy

     C. Socializing with your coworkers

     D. Spending quality time with your supervisor

19.   Saving some private time for yourself and learning to "pigeon hole" problems are two examples of

     A. effectively handling plateau periods.
     B. renewing your attitude through daily activities.

     C. failing to accept responsibility for mistakes.

     D. correcting a tardiness or absentee problem.

20.   While there are a variety of ways to engage in a special time of attitude renewal, the most popular one is

     A. doing some volunteer service.
     B. taking a mini-vacation.

     C. starting a plan of diet and physical exercise.

     D. going on the classic vacation.
Hello, again! Same question as for your other thread -- can you remind me if this is part 2 or part 3? (that is, 00706700 or 00706800?)
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