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A relationship between an employee and a supervisor is a

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A relationship between an employee and a supervisor is a

     A. horizontal relationship.
     B. vertical relationship.

     C. family relationship.

     D. past relationship.

2.   Which of these is an example of feedback?

     A. Saying, "Good morning" to your supervisor
     B. Telling a coworker that she or he is doing something the wrong way

     C. Asking your supervisor if you're doing something the right way

     D. Joining your coworkers at a table in the lunch room

3.   Which one of the following is true about relationships?

     A. Reinforcement is not necessary for their success.
     B. Relationships involve two or more people.

     C. There are no feelings in a relationship.

     D. Trust isn't necessary in a relationship.

4.   Reinforcement, contact, honesty, and fair expectations are

     A. characteristics of productivity.
     B. theories of supervision.

     C. ways of maintaining relationships.

     D. part of the irritation threshold.

5.   The best thing you can do to keep a positive relationship with your supervisor is

     A. socialize with your supervisor and coworkers.
     B. be productive at work.

     C. challenge your supervisor's authority.

     D. keep your opinions to yourself.

6.   Which of these is a way to be sure that products or services are acceptable to customers?

     A. Self-talk
     B. Socializing

     C. Reinforcement

     D. Quality control

7.   Relationships among people are

     A. usually simple and easy to understand.
     B. one of two types-social or working.

     C. not influenced by people's ideas and attitudes.

     D. something that must be maintained to stay healthy and strong.

8.   When you've carefully checked all the facts and your attitudes and still find that there's "just something" about your supervisor that's causing a problem in your relationship, you should suspect that

     A. there's a hidden attitude.
     B. there's an imaginary risk.

     C. too much socializing is going on.

     D. you're not carrying your own weight.

9.   The ideas, things, or events people feel are important are called

     A. conflicts.
     B. values.

     C. attitudes.

     D. relationships.

10.   In a vertical relationship between an employee and supervisor, who must do most of the adjusting?

     A. The supervisor must adjust.
     B. The employee must adjust.

     C. Both must adjust equally.

     D. Neither has to adjust at all.

11.   The chief reason a person becomes a supervisor is

     A. work-related knowledge.
     B. motivation.

     C. personality.

     D. confidence.

12.   Individual differences in things like values, ethnic backgrounds, age, and the like are

     A. factors that have little influence on the nature of relationships.
     B. often a source of conflict in the workplace.

     C. types of reinforcement in Mutual Reward Theory.

     D. more important in vertical than in horizontal relationships.

13.   Another term for doing your fair share of work is

     A. balancing horizontal and vertical relationships.
     B. communicating honestly.

     C. being prompt.

     D. carrying your own weight.

14.   First and foremost, supervisors are

     A. leaders.
     B. teachers.

     C. counselors.

     D. advocates.

15.   What does the Mutual Reward Theory state?

     A. When something becomes annoying, it has passed the Irritation Threshold.
     B. Rewarding poor work doesn't serve the common good.

     C. Family values are more important then ethnic differences.

     D. Relationships are strengthened when the persons involved help or reinforce one another.

16.   Which one of the following phrases best fits the Productivity Equation?

     A. Satisfied employees, with good supervision, achieving or surpassing their performance goals
     B. Persons from varied backgrounds working together to try to do a job well

     C. Refusing to become annoyed when a coworker does something that makes you look bad

     D. Being part of a mutually satisfying relationship with a coworker

17.   A relationship can be damaged by

     A. Honest communication
     B. People spending time with one another

     C. Trust

     D. Not meeting expectations

18.   A worker's success in contributing to the common good is

     A. increased when she or he becomes a supervisor.
     B. greater in vertical relationships.

     C. measured by how well she or he does the job.

     D. determined by what the worker does.

19.   Which one of the following is not true concerning socializing in the workplace?

     A. Socializing can throw your horizontal relationships out of balance.
     B. Socializing can actually increase productivity.

     C. Socializing can lead to favoritism and friction in the workplace.

     D. Socializing can keep you from reaching your performance goals.

20.   In human relations, the irritation threshold is the

     A. action that causes an annoyance.
     B. frequency of the annoying behavior.

     C. point at which a person notices something and becomes annoyed.

     D. length of time an annoying behavior continues.
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