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What Type Of Stakeholder Would A Nature Conversation Group

Customer Question

Question 1 (2 points)
What type of stakeholder would a nature conversation group be for a paper manufacturing company?
a. Supplier
b. Competitor
c. Employee
d. Special interest group
e. None of these
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Question 2 (2 points)
The behavioral sciences approach is based on which of the following disciplines?
a. Anthropology
b. Economics
c. Sociology
d. Psychology
e. all of the above
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Question 3 (2 points)
Frank Galbreth felt that efficiency equated with__________.
a. one best way to do work
b. leadership flows from the top down
c. procedures and policies
d. scientific management
e. bureaucracy
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Question 4 (2 points)
Most early interpretations of the Hawthorne studies argued that the factor that best explained increased output was
a. money
b. days offs
c. human relations
d. lighting
e. free food
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Question 5 (2 points)
Stateless stage is also referred to as the ______stage
a. multinational
b. global
c. multidomestic
d. international
e. domestic
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Question 6 (2 points)
Which of these forces refer to those aspects of a culture that guide and influence relationships among people?
a. Social
b. Political
c. Economic
d. Technical
e. Legal
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Question 7 (2 points)
The principle that similar activities in an organization should be grouped together under one manager is the essence of the classical perspective known as
a. unity of command
b. division of work
c. unity of direction
d. scalar chain
e. quality management
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Question 8 (2 points)
All of the following are types of corporate cultures except
a. adaptability culture
b. clan culture
c. consistency culture
d. involvement culture
e. achievement culture
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Question 9 (2 points)
Primary stakeholders of an organization include
a. Employees
b. Customers
c. Investors and shareholders
d. Suppliers
e. all of these
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Question 10 (2 points)
The involvement culture has a(n) _____focus on the involvement and participation of employees to rapidly meet changing needs from the environment.
a. external
b. internal
c. structural
d. competitive
e. technological
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Question 11 (2 points)
In a study by Kotter and Haskett evidence is provided to support the claim that____is important for performance.
a. managing cultural values
b. leading partnerships within an industry
c. surveying the external environment
d. managing clients relationships as boundary spanners
e. empowering employees
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Question 12 (2 points)
The thinking underlying the domain of___________is the justice approach
a. social responsibility
b. free choice
c. law
d. discretionary responsibility
e. ethics
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Question 13 (2 points)
Exchange rates are included in which of the following international environments?
a. The legal-political sector
b. The economic environment
c. The sociocultural environment
d. The barter system environment
e. The government sector
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Question 14 (2 points)
_________managers are responsible for departments that perform a single functional task and have employees with similar training and skills
a. Top
b. Middle
c. First-line
d. Bottom
e. Functional
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Question 15 (2 points)
___________companies place an emphasis on their home countries
a. Polycentric
b. Geocentric
c. Ethnocentric
d. Global
e. Regiocentric
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Question 16 (2 points)
The use of specialization to produce more and better work with the same level of effort is consistent with the administrative management principle of
a. unity of command
b. unity of direction
c. scalar chain
d. division of work
e. none of the above
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Question 17 (2 points)
The management of business operations conducted in more than one country is called
a. global management
b. international management
c. outsourcing management
d. planning management
e. domestic management
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Question 18 (2 points)
The great majority of managers operate at the
a. Preconventional level
b. Principled level
c. Conventional level
d. Postconventional level
e. Autocratic level
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Question 19 (2 points)
__________is considered the "first lady of management?"
a. Mary Parket Follett
b. Lillian Gilbreth
c. Carly Fioroni
d. Maxine Weber
e. Anne Adams
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Question 20 (2 points)
Who is considered as the "father on scientific management?"
a. Frank B. Galbreth
b. Elton Mayo
c. Henry Gantt
d. Douglas McGregor
e. Fredrick W. Taylor
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Question 21 (2 points)
Rather than managing the flow of information up and down the hierarchy, today's middle manager is responsible for creating a
a. Vertical chain
b. Horizontal network
c. Diagonal system of communication
d. Spiral network
e. Chaos-based evaluation design system
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Question 22 (2 points)
Interest rates, inflation, and trade barriers are all examples of _________forces
a. technological
b. political
c. social
d. economic
e. none of the above
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Question 23 (2 points)
A cultural attitude marked by the tendency to regard one's own culture as superior to others is called
a. Ethnocentrism
b. Polycentrism
c. Geocentrism
d. Tecnocentrism
e. None of these
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Question 24 (2 points)
A form of exporting to less-developed countries is called
a. licensing
b. franchising
c. greenfield venture
d. joint venture
e. countertrade
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Question 25 (2 points)
The process of globalization typically passes through all the following stages EXCEPT
a. domestic stage
b. global stage
c. international stage
d. interdomestic stage
e. multinational stage
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Question 26 (2 points)
Positions organized in a hierarchy is an important characteristics of
a. scientific management
b. bureaucratic organizations
c. administrative management theory
d. human resources management
e. all of these
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Question 27 (2 points)
When doing business internationally, ______________aspects of management does not change?
a. planning
b. organizing
c. controlling
d. leading
e. all of these
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Question 28 (2 points)
For values to guide the organization, managers must___________.
a. make sure employees actions fit in the culture
b. model the behavior
c. select employees that fit
d. understand how to do business
e. ask employees to stretch boundaries
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Question 29 (2 points)
Cindy Carroll is the director of human resources at Pet Grooming Inc. She can best be described as a:
a. top level management
b. project manager
c. general manager
d. first line manager
e. functional manager
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Question 30 (2 points)
Countries that use several languages
a. are ethnocentric
b. are geocentric
c. are likely to have high uncertainty avoidance
d. have linguistic pluralism
e. are polycentric
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Question 31 (2 points)
The relationship between social responsibility and financial performance has been shown to be _____.
a. non-existent
b. positive
c. negative
d. not important
e. a reflection of top leadership
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Question 32 (2 points)
A loosely knot social framework in which individuals are expected to take care of themselves is called
a. culture
b. individualism
c. ethnocentrism
d. masculinity
e. power distance
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Question 33 (2 points)
Which leadership style match with the postconventional level of personal moral development?
a. Team oriented
b. Autocratic
c. Guiding/encouraging
d. Coercive
e. Servant leadership
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Question 34 (2 points)
A high performance culture is based on all of the following except
a. solid organizational mission
b. shared adaptive values
c. individual employee ownership of bottom-line results
d. individual employee ownership of organization's culture backbone
e. singular focus on business results
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Question 35 (2 points)
Franchising is a form of
a. direct investing
b. licensing
c. exporting
d. countertrade
e. barter trade
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Question 36 (2 points)
Political risk is designed as an organization risk of_________due to political based events or actions by host governments
a. loss of assets
b. managerial control
c. earning power
d. all of the these
e. managerial control and earning power only
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Question 37 (2 points)
Tara Kelaso is the head of the finance department at Muumuu Manufacturing, Inc. Her level in the management hierarchy is that of a(n).
a. first line manager
b. middle manager
c. top manager
d. chief executive officer
e. operative
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Question 38 (2 points)
Organizations, according to Weber's ideas on bureaucracy, should be based on which of these?
a. Personal Loyalty
b. Personal references
c. Rational authority
d. Family ties
e. Charismatic authority
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Question 39 (2 points)
Which of these is a major criticism of scientific management?
a. It ignored the social context of work
b. It ignored the impact of compensation on performance
c. It overemphasized individual differences
d. It overemphasized the intelligence of workers
e. It overemphasized the social context of work
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Question 40 (2 points)
All of the following are examples of special interest groups EXCEPT
a. professional associations
b. trade associations
c. political action committees
d. courts
e. consumerists
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Question 41 (2 points)
Which one of the following employees behaviors matches with the preconventional level of personal moral development?
a. Work group collaboration
b. Task accomplishment
c. Empowered employees
d. Full participation
e. Transforming
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Question 42 (2 points)
The assembly line is most consistent with which of the following general principles of management.
a. Unity of command
b. Division of work
c. Unity of direction
d. Scalar chain
e. Quality management
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Question 43 (2 points)
Individualism is most closely related to
a. social responsibility
b. free choice
c. economic responsibility
d. codified law
e. togetherness
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Question 44 (2 points)
A country that places emphasis on fairness and values kindness would be described by the Global Project as high in ___________
a. Assertiveness
b. Uncertainty avoidance
c. Gender differentiation
d. Humane orientation
e. Societal collectivism
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Question 45 (2 points)
Which one of those is normally used to classify counties as developed or developing?
a. Exchange rates
b. Interest rates
c. Gross national product
d. Per capita income
e. Inflation rates
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Question 46 (2 points)
Only about_________percent of American adults reach the level-three of moral development
a. two
b. four
c. eleven
d. fifteen
e. twenty
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Question 47 (2 points)
Which one of these perspectives emphasize a rational, scientific approach to the study of management and sought to make organizations efficient operating machines?
a. The human relations movement
b. The behavioral sciences approach
c. The scientific management movement
d. The quantitative management approach
e. The TQM approach
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Question 48 (2 points)
The stimulus for technological innovation is often found in which of these?
a. Social forces
b. Political forces
c. Economic forces
d. Competitive force
e. All of these
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Question 49 (2 points)
A country's physical facilities that support economic activities make up its___________
a. resource markets
b. infrastructure
c. physical markets
d. product markets
e. plants and markets
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Question 50 (2 points)
***** ***** Follett thought of leadership as_________, rather than techniques.
a. systems
b. top managers
c. people
d. efficiencies
e. floor managers

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Suhaila Rahiman replied 8 years ago.

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