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1. Choose the INCORRECT statement. A) All variables must

Resolved Question:

1. Choose the INCORRECT statement.
A) All variables must be declared before they can be used.
B) Variables consist of letters, digits, and underscores.
C) Keywords can be used as variable names.
D) Variables cannot begin with a digit.

2. Which of the following usually indicates that there is no more input to be read by a program?
A) '\n'
B) '\0'

3. If a file is opened for reading and the file does not exist, what action is taken?
A) A new file is created.
B) A NULL value is returned.
C) An error message is issued.
D) An EOF value is returned.

4. Which of the following statements is true?
A) int expressions are always computed exactly; but float expressions can suffer round-off error
B) float expressions are always computed exactly; but int expressions can suffer round-off error
C) Both int and float expressions can suffer round-off error
D) Both int and float expressions will always be computed exactly

5. What is the effect of the following
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Raj replied 8 years ago.
Only 9 questions or more are there....
Because 9th question is incomplete
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My apologies, here are the rest of the questions. Thank you.


9. What is the two's complement of -Y (negative Y)?

A) 0000111100001010
B) 1111000011110101
C) 1111000011110110
D) 1100000000110001

10. What is the advantage of using a pointer to a structure as a parameter to a function, instead of the structure itself?
A) The code is easier to read.
B) It is more efficient because the structure is not copied.
C) There is no difference; it is a matter of style which is used.
D) Passing a structure as a parameter is not allowed.

11. Choose the invalid C statement.
A) int a, b=2, c=3;
B) char a[]="abc", *p = a;
C) a+b = 7;
D) ++(*p++);

12. If we want the random number library function to produce a different sequence of values each time the program is run which of the following statements should be used?
A) setenv(rand());
B) fopen(srand());
C) srand(clock());
D) srand(time(NULL));

13. The scalar() function uses po1?x to access the first member of the a structure. Which of the following constructs can be equally used within the function to access the same member?

struct vector
float x;
float y;
float z;

void main(void)
struct vector a = {2.3, 4.2, 6.,5};
struct vector b = {-1.2, 3.5, 5.1};
float scalar(vector *, vector *);
printf("The answer is %.2f", scalar(&a, &b));

float scalar(struct vector*po1,, struct vector *po2)
float s;
s=po1?x*po2?x + po1?y*po2?y + po1?z*po2?z;
A) po1.x
B) *po1.x
C) (*po1).x
D) a.x

14. Choose the C++ statement which is equivalent to:

printf("Area = %g \n", PI * Radius * Radius);
A) cout >> "Area = " >> PI * Radius * Radius >> endl;
B) cout << "Area = " << PI * Radius * Radius << endl
C) cout << "Area = " << PI * Radius * Radius;
D) cout << "Area = " << PI * Radius * Radius << endl;

15. Given the structure and pointer declarations shown below, choose the assignment statement which sets the Price member of the structure pointed to by PC to 1000.

struct Computer
char Manufacturer[30];
float Price;
int Memory;
} *PC;
A) PC?Price = 1000.0;
B) PC.Price = 1000.0;
C) *PC.Price = 1000.0;
D) Computer.Price = 1000.0;

16. Assuming the following declarations:

int A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4;

What is the value of the following (Boolean) expression?

C == D || B > A && C
A) 0
B) 1
C) There is a syntax error in the expression.
D) There is no error, but the value cannot be determined from the information given.

17. Choose the correct statement below:
A) It is generally a good rule for applications programmers to use identifiers that begin with an underscore.
B) The compiler considers the string constant "this is a message" as 4 separate tokens.
C) An operator in C specifies an operation to be performed on an operand or a set of operands.
D) In the following expression: while(++jj >= 75), the body of the while loop is not executed when the expression ++jj is equal to 75.

18. Given the following two-dimensional array declaration and initialization, what is the value of the expression *(a[1]+2)?

int a[ ][4] = {{1,2,3,4},{5,6,7,8}};
A) 3
B) 6
C) 7
D) The subscript exceeds array bounds.

19. Using the rules of precedence, the following expression:


will be evaluated as:
A) u*(z+x/t)-(y+w)%v
B) (u*z)+x/(t-y)+(w%v)
C) (((u*z)+(x/t))-y)+(w%v)
D) (((u*z)+(x/t)-(y+w)%v

20. What is the output of the following code?

void Mystery (char *Str)
if (*Str != '\0')
Mystery(Str + 1);
printf("%s\n", Str);

A) d

B) "null string"

C) abcd

D) d

21. What is the purpose of a constructor?
A) To declare a new class
B) To copy a new value into a string
C) To initialize an object
D) To define macros with arguments

22. When a program is compiled, the following process takes place:
A) the compiler and the loader are invoked.
B) the loader is first invoked and then the preprocessor.
C) the compiler is first invoked, then the preprocessor, and finally the loader.
D) the preprocessor is invoked, then the compiler, and finally the loader.
E) the compiler translates the code into object code.

23. Which of the following statements allocates space for a variable of the defined enum type?
A) enum color {red, yellow, blue} paint;
B) enum color {red, yellow, blue};
C) enum {red, yellow, blue} paint;
D) a and c

24. Which of the following would typically be found as environment variables?
A) Base directory name
B) Total processor time used by a program
C) A list of names and phone numbers
D) All of the above

25. Which of the statements below is true of the following declaration:

int n=5, *p=&n;
A) p is a pointer initialized to point to n.
B) p is a pointer initialized to the value 5.
C) n and p are both pointer variables.
D) the declaration contains a syntax error

Expert:  Raj replied 8 years ago.

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