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You are employed by CGT, a Fortune 500 firm that is a major

Customer Question

You are employed by CGT, a Fortune 500 firm that is a major producer of chemicals and plastics, including plastic grocery bags, styrofoam cups, and fertilizers. You are on the corporate staff as an assistant to the CFO. This is a position with high visibility and the opportunity for rapid advancement, providing you make the right decisions. Your boss has asked you to estimate the weighted average cost of capital for the company. The balance sheet and some other information about CGT follows below.
Current assets            $ 38,000,000
Net plant, property, and equipment            101,000,000
Total assets            $139,000,000
Liabilities and equity            
Accounts payable            $ 10,000,000
Accruals               9,000,000
Current liabilities            $ 19,000,000
Long term debt (40,000 bonds, $1,000 par value)       40,000,000
Total liabilities            59,000,000
Common stock (10,000,000 shares)            30,000,000
Retained earnings             50,000,000
Total sh
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Annie Kavitha replied 8 years ago.

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