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you work for a formal organization in the United States that

Resolved Question:

you work for a formal organization in the United States that has an open, flexible organizational structure as described in Figure 5-5 on p. 126 in the text. You have a relative, Micah, who works for a formal organization with a conventional, bureaucratic organizational structure, Micah is interested in working for you organization, but he does not have the education or skill set to work there. He says he wishes that hs company would adopt a flexible organizational structre but doubts it is possible. You explain to Micah that you have been studying the evolution of formal organizatins in your sociology class and that you would like to conduct some research to determine how formal organizations, such as the one Micah works for, are likely to evolve in the future.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Karline replied 8 years ago.

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