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Susan Athena
Susan Athena, Professional w/Adv. Degree
Category: Homework
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I need to classify each highlighted complement in the following

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Susan Athena Can You Help Me

I need to classify each underlined complement in the following sentences as a direct object, an indirect object, a predicate adjective or a predicate nominative.

I put my answers down and would like for someone to check them.

1. Pamela ws the star of the play. (I put predicate nominative)

2. The guidebook gave the lost tourist the wrong directions. (I put direct obj)

3. Monet is famous for the way his paintings captured light. (I put pred. nom)

4. Manuel offered Anita some good advice. (DO)

5. Ms. Benton is our next door neighbor. (Predicate nominative)

6. Bring me the cutting board, please. (Indirect Object)

7. The box was big and awkard to handle. (Predicate Adjective)

8. The library receives many new books each week. (Direct Object)

9. Mexico celebrates its independence on September 16. (Direct Object)

10. The new president of the bank will be Ms. Morales. (Predicate Nom)

11. Angel became a professional jai alai player. (Direct Object)

12. Amelia Earhart flew her plane across the atlantic in 1932. (Direct Object)

13. The glow from the diamond is dazzling! (Predicate Adjective)

14. Thomas Edison provided people with electric light bulbs. (Direct Object)

15. New York City was briefly the capital of the United States. (Predicate Nom)

16 The simpsons showed him slides of China. (Indirect Object)

17. My chair was hard and uncomfortable. (Predicate Adjective)

18. The machine can produce two crates a day. (Direct Object)

19. Have you seen Akiho yellow sweater? (Pedicate Nom)

20. The house appeared empty. (Predicate Adject)

Now for the hard part. I just cant seem to get this when I have to pick it out of a sentence. I dont know where to start.

Write the complement or complements in each sentence. Then, identfy each complement as a direct object, indirect object a predicate nominative.Write none if the sentence does not contain a complement.

1 American Indian peoples taught the English colonist many useful skills for survival.

2.Steven Speilberg is a famous director and producer of motion pictures.

3. A hurricane of immense power lashed the Florida coast a few years ago.

4. The fans became very anxious during the final minutes of the game.

5. This winter was colder and drier than most.

6. Nora sent postcards from Argentina to her friends.

7. The new homeowners found some rare photographs in the back of the attic.

8. Although many eggshells are white, others are brown, and still others are light green.

9. Lita and Trenell studied until seven o'clock.

10. During this month, Mars is too close to the sun to be seen easily from Earth.

11. Both the House and the Senate gave the President their support on the bill.

12. The movers carried the sofa and dining room table up the front stairs.

13. Armand worked all day with his grandfather.

14. That gigantic reflector is considered the world's most powerful telescope.

15. Our dog Spike is both a good watchdog and an affectionate family pet.

16. A Raisin in the Sun was certainly Lorraine Hansberry's most successful play.

17. Why do animals seem nervous during the storm?

18 The theater manager will pay each usher an extra five dollars this week.

19 Luis Alvarez won a Nobel Prize for his important research in nuclear power.

20. Our neighbor has offered my mother and father a good price for their car.




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Susan for your help. I really don't know how to look at a sentence and start picking out direct object, indirects, predicate nominative, and predicate adjectives. Is there an easy way to figure this out.



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