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Feel Good Inc. expects to have sales of $30,000 in January,

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Feel Good Inc. expects to have sales of $30,000 in January, $33,000 in February, and $38,000 in March. If 20% of all sales are for cash, 40% are on credit and are paid in the month following the sale, and 40% are on credit and are paid 2 months following the sale, what cash flow from sales is expected in March?



Let´s answer this quetion:


January Sales $30,000

1.Cash 20%: $6,000

2.Paid in february 40%: $12,000

3.Paid in march40%: $12,000


February Sales $33,000

1. Cash20%: $6,600

2. Paid in march 40%: $13,200

3. Pais in april 40%;$13,200


March Sales: $38,000

1. Cash 20%: $7,600

2. Paid in april 40%: $15,200

3. Paid in May 40%: $15,200


So, the total expected Cash Flow for March is:$(12,000+13,200+7,600) =$32,800


I hope this helps you.In that case, please accept the answer!

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This is a very good answer thank you very much

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