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Karline, Teacher
Category: Homework
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Write a 350-700-word response to the following question How

Customer Question

Write a 350-700-word response to the following question: How has your view concerning
the topic you covered in your final project changed throughout this course?   Topic is What is art? What is beauty?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Karline replied 8 years ago.

I have chosen the topic "Does the Universe have purpose? Does life have a meaning?" for the final presentation. From the beginning of this course, I hold on to my personal view that nothing happens without a cause and that the Universe and life existed because they are caused and therefore must have purpose.

Throughout this philosophy course, different views and arguments had been discussed. Different philosophies have been covered expounding with their different arguments and counter-arguments against other philosophies and theories. Opposing arguments attempting to answer the two mentioned questions had been presented. There are views and philosophies supporting the argument about the different meaning and purpose of Universe and life. There are also strong arguments supporting the purposelessness of the existence of life and Universe. Meanwhile, there are also explanations providing indifference to the subject. For example, Friedrich Nietzsche supports the cosmic purposelessness. Bertrand Russell supports that life in general has no purpose. Thomas Aquinas and Plato believe that life have meaning and purpose. XXXXX XXXXX supports that an individual can assign a meaning to one's life. David Hume believes that the existence of Universe is merely by chance.

I can say that the existing philosophical arguments are very confusing and mind-provoking. Such complex questions are really highly perplexing that the answers for now, I would say, will largely depend on an individual's sought knowledge and formed belief. The philosophy course discussions augmented my knowledge on the different philosophies and principle issues yet nothing has moved me to change my personal view. The arguments presented on life and cosmic purposelessness were well supported but I remain to hold on my personal view with the question that: "If without any purpose, so what will be the reason of existence of the Universe and life?" No matter how much thought I put in to think of the possible answers to these questions, my personal view remains strong in supporting that it is impossible for life and Universe to exist without any purpose. However, just as what I expressed during the beginning of the course, I strongly believe that life and Universe have purpose but my capacity to think for a sufficient answer for whatever is the meaning and purpose of life and Universe is short enough. I can provide reasonable objective answers to the questions but I am definitely sure my answers are not the absolute answers.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I can not exept this is not about my topic. thank you though
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
topic is what is art? what is beauty?
Expert:  Karline replied 8 years ago.
ok.   I'll get back to u tonight
Expert:  Karline replied 8 years ago.

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