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8. What are conventions A. The events that lead to the climax

Customer Question

8. What are conventions?
A. The events that lead to the climax of a novel
B. The conflicts between the protagonist and the antagonist
C. The traditions and rules that lead to a reader’s expectations
D. The difficulties a writer encounters in creating characters
9. Which one of the following events in “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” is an example of an epiphany?
A. Bernice suddenly understands how others see her.
B. Marjorie dares Bernice to get her hair bobbed.
C. Warren begins to come to visit Bernice.
D. G. Reece Stoddard cuts in on Bernice’s dance partner.
10. In “A White Heron,” how does Sarah Jewett portray Sylvia’s attitude about money?
A. Sylvia doesn’t really care about money at all.
B. Sylvia hopes the hunter will give her some money no matter what she does.
C. Sylvia struggles between protecting the heron and gaining the money.
D. Sylvia was once rich and has now fallen on hard times.
11. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is an example of
A. an old-fashioned novel.
B. interpretative literature.
C. escapist literature.
D. a perfect short story.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Seanna replied 8 years ago.

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