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1.if two waves with equal amplitudes & wavelengths travel through

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1.if two waves with equal amplitudes & wavelengths travel through a medium in such a way that a particular particle of the medium is at the crest of one wave & at the trough of the other wave at the same time,what will happen to that particle ? A.the particle will vibrate with double amplitude due to resonance B.the particle will remain stationary due to interference C. the particle will move halfway to the crest due to reinforcement D. the particle willcause beats as a result of the wave combination        2.In a transverse wave that travels through a medium,the molecules of the medium vibrate --- A. in the direction in which the wave travels right angles to the direction in which the wave travels C. at twice the velocity of the molecules in a longitudinal wave D. with smaller amplitudes than the molecules in a lonitudinal wave

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