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I need to get my essay corrected

Resolved Question:

To put it bluntly, this essay sucks. I'm supposed to be writing about how the public school system effects society as a whole. I need it done by midnight tonight. It's supposed to have in text citations. It needs to be 1500 words in length. I can't attatch what I have because the link button wont light up.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  ResearchPro replied 8 years ago.

Midnight which night? Saturday or Friday? I am in Washington, PST. You can try to get it to me by sending it to [email protected], but I don't know if they are there 24.7, mark it attention Kelvin/Research Pro, and I will get on it asap for you. I can probably stay up a bit tonight if you're desperate! Let me know, either way, Kelvin


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The public school system is the foundation on which the majority of the public builds their academic knowledge. It helps to create a productive work force. In addition, it lowers crime rates and it provides supervision for children in a culture where their guardians may not always be able to. The public school system has a profound impact on the way that our society functions as a whole.

In grades K-12, public education is free to the students. This opens the door for people of all economic classes to receive an education. Without it, many children would have no access to even a basic education, because of their economic status. This would greatly affect not only the disadvantaged, but the way that our society functions as a whole.

Currently, students from lower socio-economic groups are able to make more educated decisions on a variety of topics because of what they have learned in public school. Without the public school system, burdens would be placed on society that results from a lack of education such as higher healthcare costs, higher crime rates and an economic downturn.

Students are taught about the spread of STD’s, proper nutrition, sanitation and other key aspects of caring for their bodies in school. Educating the public about how to take care of their own physical condition is less expensive than suffering the aftermath that results from ignorance about basic health issues.

Students are also taught how and why to follow the law through educational programs. Attending public school keeps young children and teens off of the streets. The students from disadvantaged neighborhoods especially benefit from this. They have less exposure to and less reliance on illegal activities when they spend the majority of their day in class. This helps them to avoid a negative lifestyle early on.

Public education exposes children to a diverse group of people from different cultural, economic and social backgrounds. Consequently, these students are able to transcend their differences. This creates a since of unity throughout the community. Exposing students to diversity also helps prevent discrimination by teaching children early on how to tolerate each other’s differences. These lessons stay with students their entire lives.

In today’s society, most children do not have an adult available to stay home with them, and care for them all day. Public school gives students who otherwise of no place else to go a safe and hopefully nurturing environment where they are closely supervised.

Public education creates a productive workforce by instilling values in the young that are common to good citizenship. Students form a work ethic in the classroom through completing their assignments and working towards their goals. They learn commitment and dedication by reaching the standards that are required of them to move on to the next grade. They also learn timeliness because they are required to show up each new day on time for class. This helps mold their future behavior, so that they will have great habits formed when they enter the work force.

Public school teaches children to become economically productive adults. Most students gradually learn independence in school. This causes them to become more productive and raises their self-esteem. It provides students with the knowledge they will need to hold a job and earn a living on their own. Therefore, public school decreases the poverty rates in the nation.

One of the largest purposes of the public school system is to provide academic instruction. Students learn the basics of math, science, history and English through attending school. Children learn the most from an academically challenging environment such as public school.

These studies form the foundation on which they will base the rest of their studies. Students will use the lessons that they learn in school to aid them in their chosen career, or to help them achieve a higher education. In turn, this provides the nation with a skilled labor force.

Students are also exposed to extracurricular activities such as sports, music and art. Extracurricular activities help students build their character and social skills. They teach lessons that students are not able to learn in the classroom. For some students, sports and other activities are their primary motivators to stay in school.

Public education is a way for us to instill the nation’s social values in students. Children are impressionable. They learn social and moral values from their teachers and peers. This may be considered a positive or a negative factor depending on the individual. Children are taught favorable qualities such as sharing with others, following the rules, general kindness and many others. However, there is also a wealth of negative qualities that they may pick up from other children.

Public school also prevents illiteracy from becoming more common. People who are illiterate suffer on both a practical and a psychological level. Most people that suffer from illiteracy qualify for only minimum wage jobs with no health benefits. Even functional illiteracy may prevent the sufferer from obtaining and holding a regular job. People with low literacy rates are more likely to be on government support. The economy also suffers from illiteracy.

It is much easier for a person to learn these skills when they are young, rather than waiting until they are an adult. Most adults who are illiterate will never learn how to read.

Our public school system also faces many challenges. Currently, U.S. students are falling behind those of other industrialized nations on international test scores. Critics blame this on low teacher salaries, large class sizes, improper time management in the classroom, low school funding, indifferent students and inadequate teachers among other things.

In the end, the desire for an education and the desire to succeed come not from the schools, but from the students themselves. Public education insures that students who have the desire to succeed also have the means to achieve their goals. It also gives students the means to realize their dreams.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

As you can see, the public school system affects the way that our society functions on a variety of levels. It prevents unnecessary burdens on the public, and it gives all students a chance to succeed regardless of their economic class, sex or race. Everyone in America should have a vested interest in the way that our population is educated.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have to get it done by midnight phoenix time
Expert:  ResearchPro replied 8 years ago.

So, midnight today (Saturday) just to be clear. Now, in terms of refernces, do you have any yet? Or shall I ad them? Let me know, I will schedule this for tomorrow, thanks! kelvin


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Um, The US Department of Education Whatever else you can come up with is fine.
Expert:  ResearchPro replied 8 years ago.

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