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1) Fermentation produces much less energy than respiration

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1) Fermentation produces much less energy than respiration but it is used by many cells. Why is fermentation necessary for the cells that perform it? (hint: ALL fermentation products)

2)    There is a very large difference between the amount of carbon comprising a prokaryotic cell (50%) and the amount of iron (0.25%). Both elements are necessary to the cell and the cell would die without either. Why, then, is there such a disparity in how much of each is needed? (hint: think of what the elements are used for when composing your answer)
Hi Kaylin,

How long does this need to be and when do you need this by?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks ,I need for tomorrow at 8:00 pm ,because I have to post the answer in Angel and it is an extracredit for my microbiology class ,I need only one paragraph for each one.Anyway I give the rubric for this:


Assessment Rubric

Grading rubric for reflection questions. Total possible points: 10




offers clear and logical answers; explanation and/or examples provided to support ideas; shows insight. Very good grammar/english.


offers clear answers with limited explanation or examples; Good grammar/English.


offers unclear answers or incorrect explanations or examples; below average grammar/English.


not submitted on time or unreadable

I am going to give Ms. Lani the opportunity to answer this, but if she does not I will be happy to help you.

Thanks and have a very Happy Halloween.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I said to Mss Lani about that on the early of this week ,and she told me that she will be on Friday to wait for it ,but I think that she is offline,please if she does not get the questions tonight ,can you answer it ,because I need these questions for an extracredit and the time is over tomorrow at night.

Hello Kaylin,


I am just checking in now and I have noted your question just by chance. I will work on this for you. Thanks fo requesting me again.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mss Lani is just a paragraph for each one ,you can see the rubric above.


OK, I will have it to you Saturday afternoon if that is okay. Thanks.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Mss Lani ,let me ask you something ,you know about photostory program ?,I have other homework for tuesday ,it is a photostory about Robert Koch ,I already do it ,but I need to record with my voice what I research about him,and I have a terrible accent ,my question is if I send to you the work with the photos and the story if you can record with your voice ,I just ask to you if I can ,the work need to have 3 to 4 minutes no more ,but when Iam trying to record I spent 5 minutes and the teacher said only 4 .Do you think that you can do it ?,please let me know if you know what i said you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Oh yes it is perfect ,I have until saturday 8:00 pm.

Hi Kaylin,


Please post the details and the information you have and I will see how can I help. I will going off now and will back in couple of hours so I may respond late to your post. Thanks.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

History of Microbiology - Digital Stories

Stories have been used throughout history and by all cultures to pass on important knowledge. With the advent of digital cameras, free easy-to-use storytelling software and the Internet we can now tell, capture and disseminate our stories in new ways and to a broader population. You will have the opportunity to "show and tell" about your research using the format of digital storytelling. You will be assigned a famous microbiologist to research about and you will narrate your findings once configured as a photo story.

Your story MUST include:

Complete name of microbiologist and time period for scientist. For ex. "XXXXX XXXXX 1900-1970" (title slide)

Short biosketch: place of birth; academic background (for ex. he was a physician that graduated from...or he got a PhD at ....; and/or interesting facts, when available

*Major contribution to the field of microbiology (discovery, principle, tool/invention)

*Significance of his/her contribution to the field of microbiology THEN and NOW!!!

Bibliography using AMA style (

Your story should take 2 to 3 min maximum.

DO's and DONT's:

DO include in each slide text to explain the information in that slide. For ex. Place of birth, Research Center where XX worked, etc. in other words, your story should be "close-captioned"

The text inserted must be the "essential" text with the exception of the bibliography slide at the end. Choose appropriate colors for the text, for ex. never use white font on top of a white or yellow background. If you're including text to better make your point, it must be readable.

Make sure you proof your presentation before sending it especially as to the audio component of it. Poor editing will affect your grade. For ex. if the music volume that you selected ends up "hiding" your narration or that you inadvertently included the neighbor's dog barking while you were recording, etc.

Do keep up with the deadlines in the rubrics. Failure to submit your story board, finalized project, etc. at the indicated dates will also affect your grade.

Finally, because the time allotted is very short, make the best use of it. Cut out the details that are not necessary or fail to add to the topic as indicated in what your story must include. There are tons of information out there, however, this project will measure your ability to "summarize" and your ability to be "selective" as to the best information to include.

Do use at least 3 references aside from your book. Make sure those references are cited correctly (see above link for style). For example, something like can not be cited as a reference.

Do make use of the project rubric as a checklist.

*make sure to cover these items clearly and adequately as they represent the "backbone" of the project.

Content Criteria





Storyboard is complete with a minimum of 7 slides/visuals*, detailed titles and easy to understand, well written script. Storyboard reflects outstanding planning and organization for the visuals.

Storyboard is relatively complete with fewer than 7 slides/visuals*; some titles and labels, and somewhat easy to understand. Storyboard reflects attempts at planning and organizing the visuals.

Storyboard is not done or is so incomplete that it could not be used even as a general guide. Storyboard reflects very little planning of the visuals.

* Choice of Relevant Information (who, where, when, what or how, why) + complete bibliography (AMA style)

Report covers all relevant information required as indicated in the project guidelines* within the time allotted.

Report covers most of the relevant information required indicated in the project guidelines* within the time allotted.

Report covers very little of the relevant information required as indicated in the project guidelines*within the time allotted.

Technology Criteria




Voice - Pacing

The pace (rhythm and voice punctuation) fits the story line and helps the audience really "get into" the story.

Occasionally speaks too fast or too slowly for the story line. The pacing (rhythm and voice punctuation) is relatively engaging to the audience.

No attempt to match the pace of the storytelling to the story line, unable to engage the audience.

Images, Sounds and Editing

Images/titles and sounds create a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches different parts of the story. The images may communicate symbolism or metaphors. Extensive editing is apparent, i.e. audiotrack is of very good quality, with no background noises or sudden changes in volume that detracts from the story.

An attempt was made to use images to create an atmosphere/tone but it needed more work. Image choice is logical. Some editing is apparent.

Little or no attempt to use images to create an appropriate atmosphere/tone. And/or no attempt of editing the final audio track, i.e. no uniform volume; or background noise that distracts from story.


Rubrics for History of Microbiology Project


Mss Lani this is the orientation for this project ,I already did it ,but the only thing that I need to complete is record the voice for the story ,I have all the pictures and all the content for it ,but I do not how can i send to you because it is like a video .

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Mss Lani are you there?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mss Lani I am very nervous are you there?
Here you go. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I hope that your teacher takes this a couple of minutes late.

Fermentation is necessary for life because it produces cellular energy (ATP) when oxygen is not present. Some species use fermentation for their primary source of energy like yeast, which breakdown sugars anaerobicly even in the presence of oxygen. Fermentation is performed in aerobic species like bears, humans, and oak trees because it recycles an important electron carrier called NAD+ (NADH is converted to NAD+ during fermentation), which is then used during aerobic respiration to carry electrons to the electron transport chain, which is then used to produce ATP. Without fermentation, cellular respiration would stop because of the deficiency of this electron carrier, and an organism would not be able to produce energy for metabolism.            ;     &n bsp;                                                         

The main reason that there is such a greater abundance of the element carbon than iron in prokaryotic cells is due to the fact that carbon is used in all of the organic compounds that a prokaryote is composed of and produces. Carbon is the essential compound in the four classes of organic molecules: carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids. Without these molecules and carbon, life would not be possible in prokaryotic or eukaryotic form. Iron on the other hand is not found in nearly as many structures, and its main function is as an oxidizing agent in prokaryotes. In humans, iron is an essential mineral for life because it is an important component of hemoglobin, which is the protein that carries oxygen in the blood. Carbon is an essential component of all organic compounds, while iron is used at a much lower rate, which accounts for the difference in the amounts found in a normal prokaryotic cell.
     &n bsp;                                        

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mss Lani are you there ? I am waiting for you ,but if you do not do the questions I need to accept Ms Amanda.

Hello Kaylin,


I am terribly sorry. There is a network problem in my location and I could not connect earlier. I have done the answers but could not get in to post earlier but Amanda has given you answers so I think there is no need for me to post them.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry with Amanda ,but if you do it please post them because I know that with your answer I always get A.
Good luck

Hello Kaylin,


There are some problems in uploading through the above toolbars so I uploaded through mediafire. Thanks.


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Lani S., Tutor
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 4741
Experience: Registered Nurse, Internet Researcher, Private Tutor
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks so much Mss Lani ,I am very worry with Ms Amanda ,but I do not really well inthis class and with your answer I always get A.I hope that she does not get angry with me .


You're welcome. I am sure Amanda understands you. She is a very professional and a very good expert and sure she also wants you to have whatever is satisfying for you. Good luck!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Mss Lani where are you ???Laughing

I need your helpEmbarassed



I did not notice you posted a question. I will check on it now.