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Amanda I am having a hard time getting all my questions on

Customer Question

Amanda? I am having a hard time getting all my questions on here,.I get cut off after 2 questions.... Well, I have 4 lessons, 80 multiple choice questions all together. I guess I need to post this and than start typing once I get in here. It will take me a while because I have to type it all, so anyway, I liked Amanda, if you are out there....Oh yeah, this is all ART APPRECIATION.... and I do tip, since you get to keep all of that...Thank ya'll and have a great week! Ok, I think i can post it now....
LESSON ONE: Ancient, Classical, and Medieval art:
1.) The figures in the mosaics in the apse of the church of San Vitale in Ravenna are
a. highly three-dimensional in appearance
b. intended to be sen as ordinary people at worship.
c. less three-dimensional than Roman mosiac figures
d. thought to be Roman aristocrats at worship
2.) The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople is a remarkable example of
a. early Gothic architecture
b. the adaptive reuse of a building
c. a mosque that was transformed into a church
d. a mosque that dates from the seventh century
3.) Which of the following ancient Egyptian artworks is NOT carved from stone?
a. 'Mycerinus and His Queen, Kha-Merer-Nebty II'
b. 'Queen Neferiti' from Tell-el-Amarna
c. the Second Coffin of Tutankhamen
d. 'Akhenaton' from a pillar statue in the Temple of Amen-Re
4.) The daily life of the average citizen during the first 150 years of the Roman Empire was less stressful than during the preceding centtury because
a. disease and pestilence were under control
b. travel within the Empire was safer than previously
c. public housing was avaliable to all citizens
d. civil wars were less frequent
5.) Typically, the art of the early Angles and Saxons consists primarily of
a. intricate and colorful patterns
b. simple lines and shading
c. realistic portraits of humans
d. idealized portraits of gods.
6.) Which of the following architectural features is NOT typically Gothic?
a. Massive rotunda
b. Pointed arch
c. Flying buttress
d. Ribbed vault
7.) Trade and cultural interaction between the ancient cultures of Africa, Europe, and Asia were possible because of
a. the Pax Romana, beginning with the birth of the Roman Empire
b. innovative transportation advances made under Justnain
c. their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea
d. advanced Inquistic developments in Asia Minor
8.) When Lord Elgin removed the sculptures from the pediment of the Parthenon in the early nineteenth century, he did so because he was interested in
a. preserving them for prosterity
b. selling them at auction
c. affirming Britain's superiority over Greece
9.) Which of the following warrior tribes did not settle in England following the fall of the Roman Empire?
a. Angles
b. Saxons
c. Jutes
d. Franks
10.) If you were a citizen in ancient Greece and decided to travel from Pergamon to Troy,
a. you would sail across the Mediterranean Sea
b. you could do so by land or by sea
c. you would travel over 500 miles by sea
d. you could only do so by sea
11.) Which of the following religious groups was the focus of attacks by European Christians during the Crusades?
a. Moslems
b. Jews
c. Buddhists
d. Catholics
12.) If you were a citizen in ancient Rome and you decided to worship in the Pantheon, you would do so because you were interested in worshipping
a. the most powerful Roman gods and goddesses
b. all of the Roman deites
c. Athena and Poseidon
d. Apollodonus, Nike of Samothrance, and Discobolos
13.) The religious architecture of the early Hindu people was
a. usually built from stone blocks
b. carved from solid stone
c. frequently built with cedar timbers
d. created by modifying existing Buddhist temples
14.) Which of the following components of the architecture of the Romans was used extensively in the eleventh century in Medieval Europe in the construction castles, fortresses, churches, and monasteries?
a. Round Arch
b. Pointed arch
c. Flying buttress
d. Architrave
15.) In 313 A.D., Constantine the Great caused a significant change to be made in the daily life of many Romans, In the year, he decalared that
a. travel was possible anywhere within the Empire
b. Christianity was legal
c. gladitorial games would be reinstated
d. aristocratic privileges would be abolished
16.) Among the remarkable features of the Pantheon in Rome is the fact that
a. it's built entirely in the Roman style of a building
b. the building's ceiling appears today much as it did in the second century A.D.
c. the marble dome of the building has been coffered to lighten its weight
d. the rotunda's diameter equals the building's height
17.) Which type of artwork developed and flourished during the Roman Classical period?
a. realistic portrait busts
b. colorful ceramics
c. Stained-glass windows
d. Mural painting
18.)   During the so-called Dark Ages and the early Medieval period, monastic artists devoted much time to
a. illustrating sacred texts
b. painting realistic portraits of the saints
c. printing bibles with intricate decorations
d. carving mythological figures in wood or stone
19.) Which of the following types of decoration was often used in Italian churches during the Middle Ages?
a. Painted wooden alterpieces
b. stained-glass windows
c. intricate tapestries
d. Sculpted marble doors
20.) For several hundred years following the end of the first milennium , many Christians believed that the world was coming to an end. A consequence of that belief are the many artworks from the period that are illustrations of the
a. expulsion from the Garden of Eden
b. Last Supper
c. day of judgement
d. creation of Adam
LESSON TWO: Renaissance and Baroque Art:

1.) What is most remarkable about the paintings of Peter Breugel the Elder?
a. Innovative brush strokes
b. Daring compositional features
c. medium used
d. subject manner
2.) Which of the following subjects would lend itself to the use of the 'tenebroso' manner of painting?
a. A boating scene on a bright summer day
b. a secret meeting between two conspirators
c. A flower garden in full bloom
d. A little girl on a swing in the sun
3.) The fact that the figures in Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Virgin of the Rocks' are arranged in a figure triangle gives the painting
a. structural strength
b. immediate viewer appeal
c. a strong sense of immediacy
d. clear market value
4.) One of the most significant achievements of Albrecht Durer was to
a. write treatises on painting, perspective and human proportions
b. sketch from nature, studying its most delicate details
c. travel to Italy to study the great works of the Italian Renaissance
d. make the print a fine art form.
5.) One of the primary consequesnces of the Council of Trent in art and architecture was that
a. Prostestant art became more realistic
b. Catholic art became increasingly two-dimensional
c. Roman Catholic art concerned itself more with the spectator's emotions
d. The Catholic church strengthened its position as an art censor
6.) Which of the following works of art was complete during the Rococco period?
a. 'Purification of the Temple' by El Greco
b. 'The Elevation of the Cross' by Reubens
c. 'David' by Bermini
d. 'The Artist and Her Daughter' by Vigee-Lebrun
7.) Giotto's 'Lamentation' in the Arena Chapel in Padua is remarkable primarily because
a. it's one of the first religious oil painting with real human figures
b. the charecters in the painting are presented as individuals
c. Giotto painted it in one sitting and made no revisions to the completed work
d. of the colours used to convey allegorical meaning
8.) Which classical value is frequently exemplified in works of art during the Renaissance?
a. Realism
b. Surrealism
c. Asymmetry
d. expressionism
9.) Which artistic value is least apparent in Mannerist paintings?
a. Refined style
b. Meaningful distortion
c. Suppressed emotion
d. Moral message
10.) Which of the following works of art did Michelangelo complete first?
a. 'The Creation of Adam'
b. 'Pieta'
c. 'David'
d. 'Tomb of Pope Julius II'
11.) Which of these artistic values is most apparent in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch?
a. Symbolism
b. Grazia
c. Idealism
d. Simplicity
12.) What quality do the painting of Titian possess because of his use of the 'impasto' technique in painting?
a. Piety
b. Restraint
c. Sensuality
d. Religiosity
13.) Descartes, Galileo, and Newton were great thinkers whose works are in harmony with the ___________movement in the arts.
a. Remaissance
b. Baroque
c. Mannerist
D. Rococco
14.) Bernini's 'David', unlike Michelangelo's, shows David
a. after he has killed Goliath
b. at rest
c. in motion
d. as a young man
15.) Which of the following statements is the best definition of a 'triptych'?
a. A painting on three panels
b. A painting with a figure triangle.
c. A carving of the Holy Trinity
d. A representation of the Stations of the Cross
16.) In the name of what Protestant movement were any of Hans Holbein's religious paintings destroyed?
a. Monotheism
b. Agnosticism
c. Iconoclasm
d. Papism
17.) Even if we didn't know about the artist who created 'Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride', it would be safe to say, after examining the sufaces represented in the painting, that it was created by a
a. northern European
b. southern European
c. man
d. woman

18.) Which device was not used by Caravaggio to create a theatrical effect in his paintings?
a. bold brushstrokes
b. Dramatic gestures
c. Stark lighting
d. Dark shadows
19.) In which of the following paintings has the artist included a portrait of himself?
a. Rembrandt's 'Sortie of Captain Banning Cocq's Company of the Civic Guard'
b. tintoretto's 'The Last Supper'
c. El Greco's 'Purification of the Temple'
d. Velazquez' 'Las Meninas
20.) In religious works of art, the Holy Ghost is often represented symbolically as a/an
a. angel
b. dove
c. unicorn
d. star

LESSON THREE: Neoclassicism, Impressionism, Postimpressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism:

1.) Which of the following inventions opened new doors for early twentieth-century artists?
a. Paint tubes
d. Air brushes
c. Nylon brushes
d. Synthetic pigments
2.) the Dadaist movement resulted in artworks that were designed to promote
a. pleasure and relaxation
b. anarchy and chaos
c. World War II
d. established moral values
3.) Which of the following cities is most closely associated with the birth of modern art?
a. London
b. New York
c. Paris
d. Montparnasse
4.) Which aspect of art was explored in detail by the Pointllist painters?
a. colour theory
b. shape theory
c. light and shadow
d. forced perspective
5.) By which primitive art form was Pablo Picasso known to have been inspired?
a. Neoltithic amulets
b. Ice age cave paintings
c. Eskimo carvings
d. African masks
6.) Some of the consequences of the economic depression that devastated Germany in the years following World War I are
a. portrayed in Picasso's 'Guernica'
b. chronicled in the paintings of Otto Dix
c. manifest in the gouaches of Rene' Magritte
d. the subject of Giorigio di Chirico paintings
7.) Caspar David Friedrich was fond of portraying the natural world in his paintings. Which of the following English painters, like Friedrich, gloried in the grandeur and power of nature?
a. Thomas Gainsborough
b. J.M.W. Tuner
c. Frederick Church
d. Thomas Cole
8.) Which of the following elements is not present in 'The Abduction of Rebecca' by Eugene Delacroix?
a. pale colours
b. variation in brushstrokes
c. curved lines
d. linerary figures
9,.)   Fundamental to the artistic credo and practice of the Fauvist painters was the belief that
a. the design of a painting is determined by colors
b. naturalistic colours take precedence over arbitrary colours
c. academic forms and structures can't be set aside in the name of colour
d. equilibrium in a painting is achieved through the use of Renaissance perpective
10.) Which of the following Postimpressionist painters had the greatest impact on twentieth-century art?
a. Gauguin
b. Van Gogh
c. Seurat
D. Cezanne
11.) Which of the following human values if forcefully expressed in the paintings and lithographs of Edward Munch?
a.   hope
b. nobility
c. delicacy
d. honesty
12.) Fine art prints from which of these countries influenced the development of twentieth-century art?
a. China
B. India
c. Japan
D . Tahiti
13.) Which of the artistic values is most apparent in the sculpture of Constantin Brancusi?
a. purity
b. sensuality
c. Ornamentation
d. emotional expression
14.) The Surrealists painters and Sigmund Freud were interested in exploring the dream state. In that respect, their explorations are reminiscent of the artistic inquiries of which of the following painters?
a. Renoir
b. Braque
C.   Picasso
D. de Chirico
15.) Which subject matter was a specialty of Jacques-Louis David?
a. seascape
b. nature scenes
c. historical events
d. peasant scenes
16.) Gauguin isn't regarded by art historians as a Fauvist painter. Like the Fauves, however, Gauguin believed that
a. form follows function
b. naturalistic forms and colours are inseparable
c. colours in a painting are a function of emotional truths and not visual reality
d. the reality of dreams takes precedence over conventional reality
17.) Which of these painters is well known for portraying scenes of French night life?
a. Gustave Courbet
b. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
c. Claude Monet
d. Berthe Morisot
18.) In his celebrated 'Manifesto of Futurism,' Filipo Tornasso Marinetti expressed the belief that
a. painting, but not sculpture, is not to be bound by traditional art theory
b. art and technology are indepentent human expresions
c. the traditional cultural forms and arts are valueless
d. that sculpture should be regarded as the leading art form of the new century
19..) Magritt4e was concerned with making the spectator of an artwork conscious of the limitations of signs, labeling, and language. In so doing, he challenged the spectator to see with fresh eyes and without prejudice the everyday world around him. As such, his works are reminiscent of those of
a. Adolphe Bouguereau
b. Salvador Dali
c. Claude Monet
d. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
20.) Some people are perplexed by the meaning of Salvador Dali's paintings because the artist portrayed
a. irrational dream states
b. religious doctrines in an arbitrary manner
c. non-naturalistic machine images
d. hallucinatory self portraits

LESSON FOUR; Abstract, Nonrepresentational, and Alternative Art:

1.) Which of the following statements is an accurate description of Pop Art?
a. art that combines the potent psychological content of Expressionism with an abandonment of any clear reference to the visual world
b. art created by artists who believe that no kind of subject matter is more improtant than any other and who attempt to all but eliminate personal involement
c. painting and sculpture that is self-sufficiient and has no subject matter, content , or meaning beyond its presence as an object in space
d. Art created by artists who are int4erested in rediscovering the past, not rejecting it, and who aim to speak in cleaner images and see history as a vast menu from which to select.
2.)) It would be virtually impossible to mount a traveling exhibition of the works of which one of the following artists?
a. Richard Haas
b. Claes Oldenburg
c. Mark Rothko
d. Piet Mondrian
3.)) Which of these art forms is NOT associated with the work of Georgia O'Keeffe?
a. abstract painting
b. city nightscape
c. nature photograph
d. still life
4.) Which of the following artists was NOT ninclined to create artworks with humorous subject matter?
a/ Rene Magritte
b. Philip Johnson
C. Man Ray
d. Meret Oppenheim
5.) Which of these artists is known for his or her imaginative paintings of American metropolitan scenes?
a. Eva Hesse
b. Richard Estes
c. Carl Andre
d. audrey Flack
6.) There are African-American ritual objects in the works of which of the following artists?
a. Nam Jun Paik
b. Betye Saar
c. Louise Bourgeois
d. Lucas Sumaras
7.) Which of the following architectural components is found in Le Corbusier's 'Villa Savoye ' in Poissy, France?
a. Palladian windows
b. concrete columns
c. Oculus
d. Clerestory windows
8.) Which of the following artists created painting in which no one part or section dominated the others or could be called the subject, in which everything was intended to be 3equal in impact?
a. Willem de Kooing
b. Jackson Pollock
c. Hans Hofmann
d. Helen Frankenthaler
9.) The sculpture created by which of the following artists is best described as controlled and logical?
a. Donald JUdd
b. Pablo Picasso
c. Alberto Giacometti
d. Claes Oldenburg
10.) Like freestanding sculpture, such as Giovanni da Bolaogna's 'Rape of the Sabine Women', twentieth-century kinetic sculpture, such as Alexander Calder's 'Untitled' in the National Gallery of Art in Washington,
a. can be appreciated aesthetically from multiple perspectives
b. is usually made of marble or alabaster
c. is inteneded to be touched by the spectator, who reamains stationary
d. is made entirely by hand, except for the pediment
11.) Which of the following artworks was created by Alberto Giacometti withe the intention of evoking feelings of anxiety and confusion?
a. 'Flag'
b.   'Soft Toilet'
c.   'Giant Hamburger'
d.    'Head of a Man on a Rod'
12.) Which of the following artists is NOT associated withe the modern art movement in America?
a. Norman Rockwell
c. Alexander Calder
d. Marcel Duchamp
13.) the organization SITE, Sculture in the Environment, was formed in 1970 for the purpose of
a. reviving the iconography of the nineteenth century
b. finding sources of content in the present
c. creating an art-for-art architectural movement
d. promoting the acceptance of kinetic sculpture
14.) Which of these movements did NOT typically include works of performance art?
a. Futurism
b. Dadaism
c. Pop art
D. Minimalism
15.) Which of these artists is known for painting geometric compositions which incorporate primary colours?
a. De Stijl
b. Piet Mondrian
c. Gerrit Rietveldt
d. Georgia O'Keefe
16.) Which of the following artists paintedusing a technique similar to that used by Jackson Pollack?
a. Piet Mondrian
B. Girogo di Chirico
c. Helen Frankenthaler
17.) By the mid-1950's , which artistic movement was the most powerful force in western art?
a. Neorealism
b. Minimalism
c. The new Surrealism
D. Abstract Expressionism
18.) The vigorous brushstrokes and emotion-laden imagery in the paintings of Anselm Kiefer are reminiscent of th4e paintings of
a. Realism
b. Superrealism
c. Neoclassicism
d. Expressionism
19.) Which of the following media is NOT typically associated with electronic art?
a. Video image
b. computer image
c. electronic sign
d. laser colleges
20.) Which of these postmodern artists is known for creating photographic self-portraits?
a. Cindy Sherman
b. Richard Diebenkorn
c. Kenny Schard.
d. Martin Puryear
ok that's it....thanks so much.

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Category: Homework
Expert:  Amanda Bickerstaff replied 8 years ago.

HI Jenny,


If you would like to upload the document you can do so at


Just go to the website, upload the document and then send me the link. That way you don't have to type all the questions.


Whenever you can get these to me, that would be great!



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, I am not sure how to upload documents/??? But I bet you need a printer, right? Hmmmm, well they are all typed in so maybe I will talk to ya tomorrow. Have a great afternoon and thank you for your help. Jenny
Expert:  Amanda Bickerstaff replied 8 years ago.

HI Jenny,


I will get this back to you are hilarious and you don't need a printer, promise.


Have a great night!


Expert:  Amanda Bickerstaff replied 8 years ago.

Hi Jenny,


I am working on your questions....just a question which textbook do you have for class or is it online? Just wondering I am going to check out a book tomorrow as reference, so I was wondering if I could find the one you are using.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I tried to accept this, but it will not let me. I am not sure who is reading this....Is there any way to remove it? I paid Amanda for it by leaving the 100bucks as a tip.

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