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1. The wire gage system used to measure wire sizes is the ...

Customer Question

1. The wire gage system used to measure wire sizes is the

   A. Standard Wire Gage (SWG).
    B. American Wire Gage (AWG).
    C. Conductor Wire Gage (CWG).
    D. Stranded Gage System (SGS).
2. What type of wire is used in very high temperature locations, such as electric heater assemblies?

   A. Copper wire with FEP insulation
    B. Copper wire with TFFN insulation
    C. Nickel chromium wire with FEP insulation
    D. Nickel chromium wire with fiberglass insulation
3. If one terminal of a battery is connected to the frame of the equipment in which it's used, the connection is generally made with a

   A. static comb.
    B. ground rod.
    C. ground strap.
    D. cell clamp.
4. How much current can a #10 AWG wire safely carry?

   A. 10 A
    B. 20 A
    C. 30 A
    D. 45 A
5. To construct a battery with a current of 6 A, you would connect six 1 A cells

   A. in parallel.
    B. in series.
    C. to a ground.
    D. in series-parallel.
6. What type of lithium battery has a flat discharge rate?

   A. Nickel hydroxide
    B. Manganese dioxide
    C. Lithium pentoxide
    D. Polycarbon monofloride
7. A group of several electric cells connected together is called

   A. a recharger.
    B. a battery.
    C. an electrode.
    D. an electrolyte.
8. What should you do before cleaning the top of a storage battery and rinsing it with fresh water?

   A. Tighten the caps and plug the vents.
    B. Remove all the electrolyte from each cell.
    C. Discharge the battery completely.
    D. Remove the cell caps.
9. What is the output capacity of a high-rate discharge/rapid charge NiCad battery?

   A. 600 mAH
    B. 1,200 mAH
    C. 1,400 mAH
    D. 2,800 mAH
10. To clean dirt and spilled electrolyte from a battery, use a dilute solution of either water and baking soda or water and

   A. sulfuric acid.
    B. ammonia.
    C. ammonium chloride.
    D. cadmium hydroxide.
11. What kind of electric cell is considered to be rechargeable?

   A. Primary cell
    B. Dry cell
    C. Storage cell
    D. Electrode cell
12. The electrolyte in a typical wet storage cell or battery is a mixture of water and

   A. zinc.
    B. lead.
    C. ammonium chloride.
    D. sulfuric acid.
13. How many series-connected 2 V cells does a typical 24 V storage battery contain?

   A. 12 cells
    B. 18 cells
    C. 24 cells
    D. 36 cells
14. In order to increase the temperature rating of standard PVC insulation, manufacturers can

   A. dye the jacket.
    B. irradiate the jacket.
    C. coat the PVC with rubber.
    D. coat the PVC with silicon.
15. What is the output voltage of a typical size "D" NiCad cell?

   A. 1.0 VDC
    B. 1.2 VDC
    C. 1.5 VDC
    D. 1.8 VDC
16. A battery containing five 2 V cells connected in series has a total voltage of

   A. 1/4 V.
    B. 2 V.
    C. 5 V.
    D. 10 V.
17. A source of DC voltage that converts light to voltage is a

   A. lithium battery.
    B. generator.
    C. photovoltaic cell.
    D. primary cell.
18. If you splash electrolyte from a storage cell on your skin, you should immediately wash your skin with

   A. fresh water only.
    B. sodium hydroxide.
    C. baking soda and water.
    D. ammonia and water.
19. Which one of the following wire gages has a diameter of 204.3 mils?

   A. #2 AWG
    B. #4 AWG
    C. #6 AWG
    D. #8 AWG
20. What is the conductivity of lead as compared to silver?

   A. 61
    B. 30
    C. 15
    D. 7
21. What letters identify moisture-resistant latex rubber insulation?

   A. RUH
    B. RUW
    C. RHH
    D. RH
22. What is the voltage produced by a standard lithium cell?

   A. 2.1 VDC
    B. 2.6 VDC
    C. 3.0 VDC
    D. 4.2 VDC
23. Which of the following instruments are used when performing a high-rate discharge test on a storage battery?

   A. A voltmeter and a hydrometer
    B. A voltmeter and an ammeter
    C. A cell analyzer and an ammeter
    D. A hydrometer and an ammeter
24. What is the resistance of 1,000 feet of #16 AWG copper wire?

   A. 6.510 W
    B. 5.185 W
    C. 4.094 W
    D. 2.575 W
25. What size wire would you use to wire a motor that draws 16 A from a circuit?

   A. #18 AWG
    B. #16 AWG
    C. #14 AWG
    D. #12 AWG
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  The Science Tutor replied 9 years ago.
20-C (assuming this is ohms of resistance per foot?);
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
u suck this were all wrong