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P4-4 Future values For each of the cases shown in the ...

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P4-4 Future values
For each of the cases shown in the following table, calculate the future value of the single cash flow deposited today that will be available at the end of the deposit period if the interest is compounded annually at the rate specified over the given period.
Case     Single cash flow     Interest rate     Deposit period (years)
A     $ 200     5%     20
B     4,500     8     7
C     10,000     9     10
D     25,000     10     12
E     37,000     11     5
F     40,000     12     9

P4-9 Present value calculation
Without referring to tables or to the preprogrammed function on your financial calculator, use the basic formula for present value, along with the given opportunity cost, i, and the number of periods, n, to calculate the present value interest factor in each of the cases shown in the accompanying table. Compare the calculated value to the table value.
Case     Opportunity cost, i     Number of periods, n
A     2%     4
B     10     2
C     5     3
D     13     2

P4-25 Value of a mixed stream
For each of the mixed streams of cash flows shown in the following table, determine the future value at the end of the final year if deposits are made at the beginning of each year into an account paying annual interest of 12%, assuming that no withdrawals are made during the period.
Cash flow stream
Year     A     B     C
1     $ 900     $30,000     $1,200
2     1,000     25,000     1,200
3     1,200     20,000     1,000
4           10,000     1,900
5           5,000     

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