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I need annswer to P.Foster exam 06003400

Customer Question

Questions 1–20: Select the one best answer to each question.
1. Assuming you own a home, where would the appraisal value of
your home go in a personal balance sheet?
A. Under liabilities
B. Within the equity total
C. Under assets
D. Under both the equity and the liabilities sections
2. When you work within an organization, you're typically not
taught to
A. follow a supervised plan for managing your time.
B. act as your own supervisor.
C. act in ways that are derived from established procedures.
D. identify yourself with your job or position.
3. When budgeting for your immediate needs, you should divide them into
A. immediate and discretionary expenses.
B. fixed and immediate expenses.
C. discretionary and fixed expenses.
D. fixed and intermittent expenses.
4. According to the discussion of the “color of money,” blue money is
A. money spent wisely.
B. money set aside for emergencies and unexpected expenses.
C. currently expended green money.
D. invested for the long term.
5. In ancient Greece, a group of people living together with the common purpose of taking
care of each other through economic activity was called a(n)
A. household. C. economy.
B. commune. D. community.
6. In thinking about the “color of money,” which color would correspond to a DVD player
charged on a department store credit card?
A. Blue C. Red
B. Green D. Gray
7. As you do your _______ when considering a business venture, you should consider factors
such as your financial resources, your special skills, where you live, and what you like to
do with your time.
A. evaluating C. marketing and production
B. creative thinking D. planning
8. You're in search of the job that will give you a sense of self-esteem and allow you to
employ your skills. Which among the four general types of life goals are you mainly
A. Establishing your values
B. Establishing primary relationships
C. Seeking your ideal social place
D. Surviving in the jungle of competition
9. You're in the process of setting up a business plan. In particular, you're thinking about how
to work your plan.You need to focus on two process considerations. The first concerns
organization of the business; the second concerns the operations of the business, such as
A. deciding who will do what and when.
B. contacting potential investors.
C. working out a pricing scheme.
D. thinking out your mission statement.
10. In working out your plan for pricing your products, you decide to keep your prices at about
the same level as similar businesses in adjoining states. This could best be described
as a _______ approach.
A. skimming C. market penetration
B. simple comparison D. competitive
11. You've decided to capitalize your new business through a bank loan and through offering
stock to a limited number of investors.Your initial funding will
A. include equity and start-up financing.
B. consist of debt financing through investors.
C. consist of personal and public equity financing.
D. include debt and equity financing.
12. In this study unit, you were encouraged to create a graphic representation of how you
spend your time over 24 hours. It suggested using different colors to indicate your level of
A. interest. C. detachment.
B. anxiety. D. effort.
13. As you manage your personal finances, you'll probably want to pay attention to general
conditions in the economy. One general concern for most people managing their
day-to-day finances would be
A. current interest rates.
B. the international labor market.
C. good deals in major real estate ventures.
D. the likelihood of a major depression.
14. An entrepreneur estimating costs for a new business tends to avoid looking at the
A. cost of capital equipment.
B. escalating costs of raw materials.
C. inevitability of things going wrong.
D. costs associated with hiring personnel.
15. As a bank loan officer looks over your business plan, which of the following statements is
most likely to get more of her careful attention when she considers the progress your
business will make?
A. Your cash flow projection
B. Your most recent balance sheet
C. Your personal financial statement
D. Your current income statement
16. When researching your prospective business, you must know your product and your
A. sales pitch. C. customer.
B. interests. D. skills.
17. Because consumers today are presented with so many choices, it's generally best if your
advertising is
A. persistent to the point of being annoying.
B. targeted to the demographic profile of the potential customer.
C. consistent with your highest values.
D. imaginative and amusing enough to get a person's attention.
18. You've decided that you want to get your household budget under control so you can
increase the proportion of money you devote to savings.Your first step will be to
A. check out wise investments.
B. open a savings account.
C. think about how you most enjoy spending your time.
D. keep track of your expenses for a period of time.
19. In the most basic terms, while working out the business process of production and
marketing, you'll want to be continually prepared for
A. finding innovative ways to reduce expenses.
B. locating new blood to replace employees who don't work out.
C. balancing growth against the need for increasing your profits.
D. adapting to new conditions in the market and within your organization.
20. Prior to opening your new gift shop, you'll want to locate dependable suppliers before
completing the _______ process.
A. research C. operations
B. planning D.

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