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1. Which of the following statements is correct concerning ...

Customer Question

1. Which of the following statements is correct concerning investing activities?
        they involve obtaining and managing financial resources
        they use financial resources to acquire items to sell in the normal course of activities
        they use financial resources to acquire assets a company needs to produce and sell its products
        they involve buying and selling a company's own stock

2. The term "current assets" is usually used to refer to assets that
        the organization currently owns
        are owed to creditors and will be distributed during the coming fiscal period
        are expected to be converted to cash or consumed (used up) during the coming fiscal year
        are currently used in operating the company

3. Investments in tangible assets by a company that are intended to be used in the future to manufacture and/or sell products are recorded in the books as
        investments in financial securities
        property, plant and equipment
        patents, copyrights, trademarks and goodwill
        none of the above

4. Which of the following would NOT be included in property, plant, and equipment?

5. Which statement below is true about a company's operating cycle?
        it may not exceed one year
        it may not be less than a year
        it may be longer than a year
        it is always one year

6. Long-term assets are defined as
        assets that extend benefits beyond the coming fiscal year or operating cycle
        only tangible assets that extend benefits beyond the coming year or operating cycle, whichever is longer
        assets that are depreciated for a maximum of 40 years
        assets that extend no future benefits to a company

7. Which of the following is NOT an intangible asset?

8. Which depreciation method allocates a larger portion of the cost of a plant asset to expense early in the asset's life?
        accelerated depreciation

9. Which of the following statements about depreciation methods is true?
        firms must use the same depreciation methods for tax and financial reporting purposes
        firms cannot use the same depreciation methods for tax and financial reporting purposes
        firms usually use the same depreciation methods for tax and financial reporting purposes
        firms seldom use the same depreciation methods for tax and financial reporting purposes

10. The book value of plant assets
        are the cost of the assets less accumulated depreciation
        is an indicator of the market value of the assets
        are the cost of assets less residual value
        always less than market value

11. Which of the following are included as part of the cost of plant assets?
        amount paid for the asset only
        the cost of site preparation and installation of the asset only
        construction costs to make assets usable
        all of the above are included as part of the cost of plant assets

12. Which of the following assets would NOT be depreciated?
        a factory building
        parking lot constructed for employees
        land that was purchased for a future building site
        equipment used to produce products

13. How is the depreciation process consistent with the matching principle?
        the accumulated depreciation account is matched with the plant asset account on the balance sheet
        the cost of consuming plant assets is matched with the periods that benefit from using the assets
        the book value of the asset is matched with the current market value of the asset
        the depreciation method used is matched with the expected productivity of the asset

Acme Products Company purchased new depreciable equipment as follows:
Cost     $78,000
Residual     6,000

Estimated useful life     4 years

Estimated total units     72,000

Actual Units:     
Year 1     18,000
Year 2     12,250

What is the depreciation expense for Year 2 using the units-of-production method of depreciation?


Extreme Manufacturing purchased machinery as follows:
Cost     $39,000
Residual     4,500

Estimated useful life     5 years

Under the double-declining-balance method, what will depreciation expense be for
Year 2?


16. Assume a building was purchased for $250,000 and used for four of its estimated 10-year life. It has residual value of $50,000 and the straight-line method is used for depreciating the building. The book value of the building after the four years' of usage would be reported on the balance sheet at

17. When a plant asset is sold, the gain or loss on disposal is computed as the difference between
        fair market value and accumulated depreciation
        selling price and accumulated depreciation
        fair market value and selling price
        selling price and book value

18. Cash received from the sale of long-term assets is reported as
        an operating activity
        a financing activity
        an adjustment to stockholders' equity
        an investing activity

19. Held-to-maturity securities are reported on the balance sheet at
        amortized cost
        market value
        maturity value

20. The excess of the purchase price of a company over the fair market value of its net assets is known as
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