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The will to power is symbolized by

Resolved Question:

1. The will to power is symbolized by
A. Buck's becoming friends with Thornton.
B. Buck's killing Spitz.
C. Thornton's rifle.
D. Hal's arguing with Charles.

2. The Yukon is the main _______ for this story.
A. plot
B. setting
C. genre
D. symbol

3. Which one of the following words best describes Hal, Mercedes, and Charles?
A. Inexperienced
B. Sensitive
C. Frightened
D. Prepared

4. If you consider The Call of the Wild to be an allegory, which one of the following statements would be true?
A. Buck represents some characteristic of humanity.
B. John Thornton represents the civilized world.
C. Judge Miller represents the primordial condition.
D. The book is a story about the need for socialism.

5. The purpose of the expedition Buck takes with Thornton and his partners is to
A. deliver mail.
B. find a new camp.
C. hunt for food.
D. search for a gold mine.

6. On page 14 of The Call of the Wild, Jack London writes, "In vague ways he remembered back to the youth of the breed." This statement is an example of
A. survival of the fittest.
B. the racial unconscious.
C. natural selection.
D. the will to power.

7. What happens the first time Buck is beaten?
A. He learns that he can't get away with stealing another dog's food.
B. He learns he has to obey men, but decides never to surrender inside.
C. He swears that he'll someday have his revenge on Spitz.
D. He has his spirit as well as his body crushed.

8. In The Call of the Wild, what valiant, tragic figure among the dogs must finally be put down for the good of the lives of the team?
A. Sol-leks
B. Pike
C. Dub
D. Spitz

9. How did John Thornton die?
A. He died in the river rapids.
B. He was killed by a group of wild wolves.
C. He died from frostbite to his feet.
D. He was killed by Native Americans.

10. The survival of the fittest is an idea promoted by
A. Carl Jung.
B. Friedrich Nietzsche.
C. Karl Marx.
D. Charles Darwin.

11. After the death of Curly in The Call of the Wild, Buck concludes that no fair play exists in his world and that he will never go down in a fight. The theme illustrated here is apparently derived from London's interpretation of
A. Nietzsche's ideas.
B. the theory of evolution.
C. instincts as ancient memories.
D. "might makes right."

12. A novel differs from a short story because it
A. is more likely to include subplots.
B. includes a theme.
C. comprises rising action, a climax, and falling action.
D. is told as a third-person narrative.

13. In Buck's thinking, the "noblest" prey of all is
A. a very fast rabbit.
B. another dog.
C. man.
D. a moose.

14. What word best describes the relationship between Buck and John Thornton?
A. Attachment
B. Trust
C. Love
D. Friendship

15. Upon the death of Spitz in The Call of the Wild, Francois and Perrault decide that the new sled-team leader should be
A. Billee.
B. Sol-leks.
C. Dave.
D. Buck.

16. On page 14 of The Call of the Wild, what's meant by the phrase "The domesticated generations fell from him"?
A. Buck has lost a lot of hair in his fight with Spitz.
B. Buck is losing his civilized characteristics.
C. Buck is learning to love a human being again.
D. Buck longs to return home to the Judge's family.

17. The death of Curly is an example of
A. the theory of evolution.
B. the will to power.
C. the law of club and fang.
D. racial unconsciousness.

18. In The Call of the Wild, when London writes about "what a puppet thing life is," it reflects the theme summarized in which of the following statements?
A. The course of a life is determined by pure chance.
B. Our lives are lived in response to our predetermined fate.
C. Every life is based on habit and instinct.
D. Each life pits mercy against nature.

19. In The Call of the Wild, the bond between Buck and Thornton is best explained by observing that
A. Buck found Thornton fair and just; Thornton found Buck dependable.
B. Buck had helped Thornton pay off his debts.
C. dog and man were like mirror opposites.
D. dog and man were both in touch with their primordial nature.

20. Who saves Buck from impending death at the hands of Hal?
A. Perrault
B. Judge Miller
C. François
D. John Thornton

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Category: Homework
Expert:  Mandy replied 9 years ago.

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