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M. Castillo
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interior decorator 012007, 012008, 012005, 012006 from penn foster

Customer Question

also need exam number 40900100 from medical assistant
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  M. Castillo replied 9 years ago.
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer!

**IMPORTANT MESSAGE -- PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING** Penn Foster has been changing questions on some of their exams recently. The last time I verified the accuracy of the answers below, they were correct. Your passing grade depends on you taking the exam on your own, checking your answers against mine, and verifying any discrepancies before you submit each exam. I would be grateful if you would let me know of any changes you might discover.


2. A
3. A
4. C
5. D
6. A
7. C
8. C
9. B
10. D
11. A
12. C
13. B
14. B
15. D
16. C
17. D
18. A
19. D
20. B


1. B
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. D
7. D
8. B
9. A
10. B
11. A
12. A
13. C
14. C
15. C
16. C
17. C
18. A
19. B
20. D


1. D
2. A
3. B
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. B
8. D
9. A
10. A
11. A
12. D
13. A
14. A
15. D
16. A
17. D
18. B
19. B
20. C


1. C
2. D
3. B
4. B
5. C
6. B
7. B
8. C
9. D
10. C
11. D
12. A
13. A
14. C
15. C
16. B
17. B
18. A
19. D
20. C


1. A. A computer hacker breaking into a hospital’s secured computer system

2. B. You may be analyzing medical information regularly.

3. C. education and credential(s).

4. D. the ability to understand and analyze the dictation.

5. A. reimbursement and research

6. A. Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration (CHAMPVA)

7. B. cancer registry

8. D. consumers will be driven to competitors who can offer lower prices

9. A. By completing a continuing education cycle

10. C. integrated delivery system.

11. C. ensuring the quality and accuracy of health information

12. B. RHIT

13. A. computerized medical records

14. D. Attention to detail, thorough understanding of medical processes, ability to analyze large amounts of information

15. A. professionalism.

16. B. monitored and approved

17. A. speech recognition

18. A. removal of organs helped Egyptians study anatomy.

19. D. American Health Information Management Association

20. A. don’t have insurance

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Best wishes!


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hi i had ezcepted this answer for $14 and all the answers are wrong..Penn foster Interior decorator 012007, 012008, 012005, 012006
Expert:  M. Castillo replied 9 years ago.

The only thing that can possibly have happened is that you have completely different exam questions than I do (which is very unlikely), or you matched up the answer keys with the wrong tests -- the order you have them listed and which I provided answers is 07, 08, 05, 06.

I've been looking through the exam questions and answers as I provided above, and they all appear to be correct.

Can you give me an example of which questions you believe are wrong? If you can provide the exam number, the question number, the question, and the multiple choice answers, I can verify whether or not we have the same exam. I have not had any complaints about this series of exam answers before this.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
That is exam 012008

Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question.

1.   Your client wants his dining room to be a cozy, dark nighttime room where he can entertain just one or two people for casual, intimate dinners. The room won't be used during the day. The unfurnished room has a low seven-foot ceiling, two small windows facing north, one doorway, and is 10 feet (2.9 meters) by 12 feet (3.6 meters) with no other distinguishing features. To create the mood your client wants, you'll need to

     A. counteract the conflicting moods in the unfurnished room.
     B. emphasize existing qualities of the room since they suit the decorating requirements.

     C. put up a false wall to shorten the room.

     D. have the ceiling raised if the budget allows.

2.   Your client has two pieces in his living room that he wants to keep. One is a favorite chair that would need re-covering to go with the new decor, and the other is a large enameled cabinet whose color is wrong for the new decor. Which of these would be your best course of action?

     A. Try to convince him that both pieces should be disposed of, since it will be easier to decorate without them.
     B. Plan to re-cover the chair. Ask if the client will consider repainting the cabinet or putting it in another room.

     C. Dispose of the chair and repaint the cabinet.

     D. Try to place both pieces in other rooms.

3.   Which of these client factors will generally have the greatest influence on your decorating plan?

     A. Age
     B. Lifestyle

     C. Occupation

     D. Color preference

4.   Your client has said that he likes French Provincial furniture. What should you do before continuing to develop a decorating plan in that style for him?

     A. Show him examples of French Provincial and other styles to check on whether he knows styles and has expressed what he really wants.
     B. Let him know that you could give him a special discount on some Oriental furniture you have left over from another job.

     C. Decide whether you think the style is right for him and tell him which style you prefer.

     D. Check his color and fabric preferences to see if they allow you to use French Provincial.

5.   Because of your client's job, he must live in a city apartment. He is increasingly tired of city life, however, and daydreams about living on a peaceful tropical island. He does no business entertaining at his apartment but occasionally brings other visitors there. Which one of these decorating plans will probably be best for him?

     A. Sophisticated city look which reflects his business life
     B. Barefoot and serene tropical decor to reflect the lifestyle he wishes he had

     C. Plain, nonstylized environment, neither city nor tropical, so that he won't be reminded of his conflicts

     D. Refined traditional look with one or two large tropical accessories

6.   Your clients are Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones has told you that she would like to see her living room done with lots of blues and greens against white walls. The only color she doesn't care for is pink. Mr. Jones likes tan, gray, and blue. He dislikes all shades of green and any color in strong bold tones. Which of these would be the best color scheme for you to suggest for meeting your clients' needs?

     A. Blue and green and white
     B. Pale blue and very pale lime green and white

     C. Pale blue, pale green, and tan

     D. Pale blue, tan, and white

7.   You're meeting with your new clients, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey regarding decorating their living room. Mr. Godfrey has said that he definitely wants a clean, uncluttered look in his home. Mrs. Godfrey says wistfully that she likes Victorian style, but Mr. Godfrey has always cringed at what he calls that fussy-looking stuff. Which of these would be your best course of action?

     A. Develop a clean, uncluttered modern decor to please Mr. Godfrey.
     B. Develop a Victorian style room for Mrs. Godfrey.

     C. Keep peace by introducing a totally separate decor suggestion that doesn't include either of their specifications.

     D. Show them how it's possible to combine a Victorian flavor with the uncluttered look Mr. Godfrey likes.

8.   Which of these is generally the strongest single element in creating the mood of a room?

     A. Furniture style
     B. Color

     C. Accessories

     D. Its bare-wall structure

9.   The most effective approach to redecorating your client's rooms is to

     A. determine the client's particular needs and meet them.
     B. replace the client's furnishings with the newest styles available.

     C. design a decorating scheme based on your own favorite decor elements.

     D. educate the client to appreciate and desire the finest period decor.

10.   Your client is a petite, pale, blue-eyed, and very soft-spoken woman. Which one of the following color schemes would provide the most flattering environment for her?

     A. Strong colors, such as bright red and hot pinks
     B. Her favorite pastel colors, such as a delicate pink and subdued, light greens

     C. Earth tones, such as reddish browns and rich, dark golds

     D. Dark Victorian colors that enhance the woodwork, such as muddy browns, reds, and greens

11.   Which of the following factors determines the directional exposure of a room?

     A. The direction each window faces
     B. The direction the seating faces

     C. The direction you face as you enter

     D. The direction the doorway faces (outward)

12.   If you had to choose only from the following, which of these would be the best lounge chair to select for your client's room? (Remember the client's basic needs.)

     A. The most comfortable
     B. The one which best matches the style of the room, whatever it is

     C. The costliest he or she can afford

     D. The best-looking chair

13.   Your client wants to redecorate his entire home and to have only the finest quality of each item he selects. He has a limited amount to spend, and the job will need to be completed in stages over three years. Which is probably the best method of budgeting for this particular project, according to this study unit?

     A. Budget a percentage for furniture, percentage for floor covering, percentage for walls, etc.
     B. Budget a percentage for each room.

     C. Budget according to priorities.

     D. It's not possible to establish a budget in this case.

14.   Your client has lived in her modest apartment for several years. The bedroom is small and cluttered. A sewing machine and straight chair are placed in front of the room's only window. She says she sews a lot, usually in the mornings. She has found this room the best place to work because of the morning sun. Which of these is your best approach to this decorating challenge?

     A. Explain that the room is too cluttered and the sewing machine will have to be kept in a closet and brought out only for use.
     B. In developing a decorating plan, put the sewing machine into an unobtrusive corner in the large living room and disguise it.

     C. Unclutter the bedroom in other ways. Leave the sewing machine where it is.

     D. Refuse the job since there's little hope of success.

15.   The total cost to decorate your client's bedroom is over her budget. On which of these items should you make the final cost cuts?

     A. Bed
     B. Carpeting

     C. Lamps

     D. Chest of drawers

16.   In measuring and sketching a client's room, which of these should you always be sure to include?

     A. Colors of the walls
     B. Planned positions of new furnishings

     C. Positions of electrical outlets and permanent fixtures

     D. Positions of present furnishings

17.   Your client has seen a very costly brass bed that she is determined to have. It appears to you to be a good item for her room and worth its price. Unfortunately, its cost exceeds the entire amount planned for redecorating her bedroom. The living room is to be redecorated, too. What should you do?

     A. Convince her to forget about the bed until some future time when she can afford it. Stick to the original budget.
     B. Get the bed for her. Postpone the rest of the bedroom and living room redecorating until she can afford it.

     C. See what can be eliminated from the client's budget to pay for the balance of the bed. Then reassess the remaining budget for priorities.

     D. Redecorate only the living room at this time. Redecorate the bedroom when she can afford what she wants.

Refer to Examination Figures 1 and 2 on page 52 of your study unit to answer questions 18–20.
18.   In Examination Figure 1, the room includes a sofa, two armchairs, and a secretary. How appropriate is this seating for the sort of entertainment the Guilfords will do in the room?

     A. Adequate
     B. Uncomfortable

     C. Not sufficient

     D. Suitable for three, not for five

19.   How well have the Guilfords' pattern and style preferences been met in this decor?

     A. Suitable to Mrs. Guilford's tastes; not to Dr. Guilford's
     B. Very well, for both

     C. Quite well, except for the rug

     D. Not at all

20.   What one factor most makes the room meet the requirement of being both a nighttime room and a pleasant daytime retreat on weekends?

     A. The combination of casual and sophisticated furnishings
     B. The plain style of the upholstered pieces

     C. The many lamps in the room

     D. The window treatment, with draperies ready to be pulled at night
Expert:  M. Castillo replied 9 years ago.

Thank you for posting the questions. It is the same exam and multiple choice answers I have. I went through the first 5 again, and they are all correct as indicated in my answer key above.

Can you tell me which ones you got wrong on this exam?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
this is not the exam i got wrong it was the first exam 012007 and i cant log into that exam again i have to wait 5 days..sorry i will get it to you as soon as possible this is all i can give you all the other exam answers you provided are great and are correct..but for the Interior exam 012007 there are a few right but most of them are wrong and its not a passing grade..
Expert:  M. Castillo replied 9 years ago.
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