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1. In which one of the following situations would a

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1. In which one of the following situations would a kinesthetic
learner learn best?
A. Attending a lecture
B. Reading a book in a library
C. Participating in a hands-on workshop
D. Listening to a tape
2. While reading your study materials, what items should you mark
by highlighting or underlining?
A. Every sentence under the section heading
B. Definitions, important events, and rules
C. Just graphs and charts
D. Only the words you understand3. What is one advantage of the program you''re just beginning?
A. You can interact with other students.
B. You don''t have any homework.
C. You don''t have to take any examinations.
D. You can study when it''s convenient for you.
4. If you''ve been working on a particular examination question and you can''t figure out the
answer, what should you do?
A. Leave the answer blank when you submit the exam.
B. Call your instructors and ask for the answer or a page reference.
C. Guess at the correct answer.
D. Put the exam away for a day or two and then review it again.
5. Before you look up an unfamiliar word in the dictionary, you should first try to determine its
meaning as you read by
A. looking closely at the context in which you find the word.
B. looking at the title of the book you''re reading.
C. rereading the entire book.
D. phrasing the word in the form of a question.
6. Most of the examinations in your program consist of
A. essay questions. C. multiple-choice questions.
B. practical exercises. D. suggested activities.
7. Which one of the following actions should become an important part of your
study schedule?
A. Eliminating the activity in which you spend the most time
B. Taking regular breaks from your studies to keep focused
C. Finding out what works for others and then following the exact same schedule
D. Studying only in large blocks of time at one sitting
8. Which one of the following study materials contains self-checks?
A. Supplement C. Graded project
B. Practical exercise D. Study unit
9. The best way for you to communicate with the school is through
A. U.S. mail. C. the Penn Foster Web site.
B. DIAL-A-QUESTION. D. Tel-Test.10. You''ve started using the SQ3R method of learning. After surveying a reading assignment,
you go to the next step, which is question. What does this step involve?
A. Asking yourself why you''re taking the course
B. Asking yourself how the material relates to your friend''s life
C. Reading the headings and turning them into questions
D. Reviewing the exam questions and looking for the answers without reading the study
11. Which one of the following booklets includes activities designed to help you apply your
study material to real-life situations?
A. Practical exercise C. Study guide
B. Study unit D. Supplement
12. Which one of the following study materials is designed for use with a separate textbook?
A. Dictionary C. Practical exercise
B. Study guide D. Supplement
13. Suppose you''re just beginning to study the information in your third shipment of material.
When can you expect the next shipment to be sent?
A. In approximately one month
B. When you call and request it
C. When you submit a certain number of examinations in your current shipment
D. After your instructor has evaluated all of your work in the current shipment
14. What should you do first when you begin to study a new text or study unit?
A. Read only the boldface type or italicized print.
B. Dive right into the first page and read the assigned section.
C. Don''t worry about words you don''t understand; you don''t have to look them up.
D. Survey the material in the text using the technique called SQ3R.
15. Which one of the following prefixes means “again”?
A. re– C. in–
B. im– D. un–

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