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The Professor, Taught at USC Years Ago
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i need a 2 page descriptive essay on anthing, try avoid ...

Customer Question

i need a 2 page descriptive essay on anthing, try avoid using big words, due by noon tomorrow, eastern standard time, no line spacing.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  The Professor replied 9 years ago.

The common house ant, as a species, is essentially free from the influence of human behavior, and thus is superior to us. We need a little more humility in our dealings with ants.

You are probably thinking, “Who me? Show me an ant, and we’ll see who is superior!”. This, my friend, is a myth. There is no such thing as just one ant. “Just one ant” is a fiction that the ants would have us believe. The others are in the garden, in the basement, in the walls, somewhere, lurking, just waiting for your to say, “Aha! An ant!”, arrogantly squash him, and go about your business.

That one ant is a military scout. Follow him around for a while; try to discover his mission. Hours later, he will still know where he is going, but you will not. No amount of trial by water or grim interrogation will help.

Whether or not the scout is destroyed, you will next see an advancing column of ants. That is, it will appear to be an advancing column of ants. If you establish a checkpoint at some convenient location, and count the ants passing, say, to the left and to the right, you will find that the numbers are about equal – 50% left, and 50% right. It is left as an exercise for the allegedly “superior” strategist, the human, to determine whether the ants are coming or going. It will be a further exercise to determine which way is, in fact, “coming” and which way is “going”.

Despite their apparent lack of purpose and organization, ants get the job done. They find things. A scrap of food, an apple core, one morning you will wake up and the ants will have found it. Hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of ants, all in one place, like your wastebasket.

By this time, the outwitted human observer, an unwilling landlord, will only partially recognize the true intelligence of the enemy. Reasoning that the entire legion is now captured, the human will clear the surrounding area. In fact, having seen precisely where they have all gone to (or, would it be, where they have all come to?) one assumes that all the ants are already there.

Go off to work, then, comfortable in your superiority. But that evening, a closer examination will reveal that the ants can, and do, reestablish their trails. If a checkpoint is designated… you’re right: 50% coming, and 50% going. The deception is complete.

Spray behind the baseboard, plaster up the holes in the wall… it’s hopeless. The ants will not leave unless and until they choose to.

It’s clear that, in all respects of importance to ants, they are, as a class, essentially free from the influence of human behavior. Further, they influence humans by deception, by strategy, and by sheer force of numbers. The conclusion that they are superior is inescapable.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
can i please get more detail on this? like a page more..thanks a lot for your co-operation.
Expert:  The Professor replied 9 years ago.
The essay posted runs exactly two pages as originally requested - with the only "white space" between each paragraph, at font size 10 or so. The columns here at Just Answer are rather wide.

It will run a little longer at font size 12. It will run a little longer if you set your margins a little wider on the page.

Put the document into Word or a similar word processor, vary the margins and font size, and you will see what I mean.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the essay wasn't clear enough and i can't figure out what exactly the thesis statement is...and moreover, the word "us" is not refering to anything and i think that should be replaced with human or somethin...i just need the essay to be fixed and it's not up to 2 pages at all
Expert:  The Professor replied 9 years ago.

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