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6. When writing analytically, a writers repertoire of ...

Resolved Question:

6. When writing analytically, a writer's repertoire of strategies to create credibility might include which of the following?
        Definitions from Wikipedia
        Extended analogy
        Abstract examples

7. In this course, you have examined at length the idea of common causes. What does this idea mean?
        People should be on opposite sides.
        People should argue over the cause to see who is right.
        People should agree on a common point, or consensus, about a subject.
        People should judge each other.

8. The neutrality of technology is the ______ important idea to consider when analyzing cyberculture. )

9. To help the reader further understand the concepts you present about an unfamiliar subject, it is best to use:
        A quote from an expert
        An extended explanation

10. Values, attitudes, and individual opinions are all important to consider when analyzing texts and artifiacts based on cultural identity.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Tracie replied 9 years ago.

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