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Category: Homework
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Experience:  I have eleven years experience writing statewide educational tests for grades K-12.
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1. _______ is the way a visual work is organized. ...

Resolved Question:

1. _______ is the way a visual work is organized.

        Historical knowledge
        Shape and structure

2. A semicolon should be used to connect two related sentences. Each sentence on either side of the semicolon must be complete. Which of the following exhibits this?
        XXXXX XXXXXkes to swim but; Donna hates it.
        XXXXX XXXXXkes to run on ; Tuesday, Thursday, and at the gym.
        XXXXX XXXXXkes football; Donna saw The Phantom of the Opera when she visited England in 2001.
        Don runs every day; Donna runs once per week.

3. For many students, the comma is the most difficult form of punctuation to use. Offsetting an insertion is one way to make good use of a comma. Which of the following sentences clearly illustrates this concept? )
        The lie however, was clear.
        Yusef Komuyakaa, a Pulitzer-prize winning poet, is best known for his poetry of the Vietnam experience.
        My mother, who thinks she is always right never backs down from an argument.
        Ralph Fiennes is a British actor, who played in Red Dragon.

4. The apostrophe can be used to indicate the possessive and can create either singular or plural forms of the possessive. Which of the following is in singular form? (
        The boy's train set fell out of the back of the truck.
        The boys' train set fell out of the back of the truck.
        The 'boys' train set fell out of the back of the truck.
        The boys train set fell out of the back of the truck.

5. Some of the uses of a colon are to introduce a list, a quotation, an example, or an emphatic assertion. Which use does the following example exhibit?
Please purchase the following items from Lowe's: a hammer, two orchids, one pack of nails, and four more tiles for the bathroom.

        Emphatic assertion
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  viki replied 9 years ago.

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