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Is there a base-8 word to represent 64 That is what 100 ...

Customer Question

Is there a base-8 word to represent 64? That is what 100 is to "century", "cent", or "hundred; 64 is to "????"   Something like "Octile" ? "Sixty-four" is a base-10 term, literally 6 tens and four.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  tex-eng replied 9 years ago.

In the decimal system as well as in the octal system we use the same symbols to create numbers.

-The symbols in the decimal system are 0 thru 9, and 10 is 1x10^1 + 0x10^0.

-The symbols in the octal system are 0 thru 7 and 10 is 1x7^1 + 0x7^1.

In the decimal system 10 means "ten" and in the octal system 10 means "ten", however even though they use same symbols their values are different, depends which system you are referring to.

The century or the cent has nothing special to the number 100 other than it comes from the Latin centuria (group of hundreds) which in turn comes from the Latin centum (hundred).

If it was necessary you could use the Latin equivalent of 64 which would be something like sexaquattor (sorry, I don't know Latin) but it still wouldn't make a lot of sense as we tend to see every number as a decimal.

Hope this helps but if you have further questions let me know and I will ponder on it.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hmmm. Well, what you have said may be perfectly accurate, but is not what I was hoping for.

I am in the process of writing dialogue for a fictional situation in which the subject society is using base 8. (The "why" I'm doing this would take too long!) Quantities of "tens" and "hundreds" and spans of years like "decades" and "centuries" are coming up in the text that has to be conveyed, but I also need to convey at face value (i.e. no long explanation) that the values I'm describing are not our conventional base 10 values. I was hoping that terms like "octants" or some such might be established or accepted terminology in some acrcane computer or scientific jargon. If not, I guess I can create my own, but I'm hestitating to do so without at least asking the question.

Please don't spend any more significant time on this except to say that I'm chasing a pink elephant if that is in fact the case.

Thank you!
Expert:  The Professor replied 9 years ago.
In octal, the quantity "64" is written:


Zero times eight to the zero power, plus zero times eight to the first power, plus one times eight to the second power.

Since you are writing fiction, you call call this quantity whatever you wish. Perhaps with a little explanatory soliloquy, uttered by one of your more technical characters, you can coin your own term, noticing what "64" looks like in base 8.

How about:




The Professor, Taught at USC Years Ago
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 1387
Experience: Engineering Degree, Tutoring Experience, USC Faculty (Retired)
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hundreights, eh?

Well, I'll give you points for originality!

Thanks for your input!
Expert:  The Professor replied 9 years ago.

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