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Customer Question

Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Coolchics replied 9 years ago.
I have over 100 P.F. Exams, but this one I do not have. If you would like to type out your Q & A, I can help you answer your questions. Let me know!!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Coolchics's Post: 1.   The Internet may best be compared to a(n)

A. large network of roads.
     B. series of colored lights.

C. loud truck motor.

D. enormous skyscraper.

2.   Which one of the following word processing features saves you the most time when keying a document?

     B. Hitting the Delete key

C. Thesaurus

D. Search-and-replace

3.   What may happen if a large number of computer users are attempting to access a Web site at the same time that you are?

A. Your computer may shut off.
     B. You may be automatically routed to a chat room.

C. You may be unable to link to the site.

D. You may enter the site more quickly than usual.

4.   A window frame will expand to fill the entire desktop when you

A. double-click the taskbar.
     B. double-click the horizontal scroll bar.

C. click the title bar button marked with two overlapping squares.

D. click the title bar button marked with a single square.

5.   The term integration refers to the ability to

A. use a variety of search engines.
     B. select different graphics on the computer.

C. employ different fonts in an e-mail.

D. transfer information from one type of program to another.

6.   Which of the following functions does a browser perform?

A. Stores your e-mails on tape
     B. Finds sites devoted to a particular subject.

C. Links you to the Web

D. Automates data calculation

7.   Under normal circumstances, you can't erase or add any information
to a

A. formatted floppy.
     B. rewritable CD.


D. hard disk.

8.   What important step should you take upon re-booting in the event the computer loses power before Windows can shut down properly?

A. Delete any files still in the recycle bin.
     B. Run the ScanDisk feature.

C. Test your mouse.

D. Open your Web browser.

9.   Which of the following is a Windows feature that allows you to temporarily store text?

A. Clipboard
     B. WordVault

C. Typeover

D. Normal View

10.   The computer mouse is used to

A. store a history of menu choices.
     B. operate Windows in the DOS mode.

C. transfer an operating system from one machine to another.

D. control a pointer on the screen.

11.   Which of the following software programs provides for e-mail communication?

A. Excel
     B. Outlook

C. WordPerfect

D. Access

12.   A computer's CPU and hard drive are found in the

A. keyboard.
     B. power bar.

C. main peripheral device.

D. system unit.

13.   Which of the following describes an advantage of using an electronic spreadsheet rather than a manual spreadsheet?

A. An electronic spreadsheet automatically checks to make sure that the formulas you enter are correct.
     B. With an electronic spreadsheet, you would spend more time formatting the document.

C. An electronic spreadsheet automatically recalculates figures when you change numbers in a cell.

D. Wizards provide help with spreadsheet creation.

14.   An ellipsis following a menu item tells you

A. there's a submenu that offers additional choices.
     B. the item is linked to a Web site.

C. your hard drive is out of space.

D. a dialog box is available.

15.   When Clara accesses the programs and documents on her computer by way of icons, she is said to be employing

     B. graphical user interface.

C. Internet Explorer.

D. the network neighborhood.

16.   In the Mouse Properties window, you can

A. adjust the mouse's double-click speed.
     B. specify new tasks for the mouse to perform.

C. increase the mouse pad's size.

D. change the color of the pointer.

17.   The picture that graphically represents the items you use in Windows is called a/an

A. icon.
     B. GUI.

C. taskbar.

D. submenu.

18.   You can access various sites on the WWW by using hyperlinks or by

A. typing in the site address.
     B. entering a key word for your search.

C. choosing options from a menu.

D. following directions on-screen.

19.   Search engines enable you to

A. locate Web pages related to a specific subject.
     B. find and replace a certain item in Word.

C. connect to a better ISP.

D. talk to people via the computer.

20.   The domain in an e-mail message tells you the

A. location of the destination.
     B. name of the service provider.

C. subject matter of the message.

D. nature of the host computer.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Are you going to help me find these or do you not know?