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Can i have help with this test to 05065000 pennfoster ...

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Can i have help with this test to 05065000 pennfoster

1. Which of the following is a tool that can be used during the
design process to illustrate how the pages in a Web site or multimedia
application relate to one another?
A. HTML C. Flowchart
B. Graphics software D. PNG

2. Web pages frequently make the delivery of audio and video
files more efficient by having the file begin playing before it has
been completely downloaded. This process is
A. animation. C. a Java applet.
B. a plug-in. D. streaming.

3. All components of a multimedia Web site are commonly tied
together by using
A. GIF. C. image optimizing.
B. HTML. D. site management.

4. To ensure that your Web site is accessible to the widest possible audience, you should
A. use only WML and not HTML.
B. use plug-ins sparingly and don’t waste space with links.
C. consider device compatibility and assistive technology.
D. install better page-markup software.

5. The business model in which businesses sell goods and services to the general public is
correctly termed
A. B2G. C. B2B.
B. B2C. D. C2C.

6. Advantages of e-commerce to organizations include
A. potentially higher sales.
B. requirement of an effective, functioning Web site.
C. high rate of fraudulent transactions.
D. recurrent threat of competitors offering lower prices.

7. Implementing a Web-based e-commerce typically involves
A. running credit checks on all of the employees of the business.
B. installing extensive infrastructure.
C. selecting the desired e-commerce/e-business applications.
D. upgrading the computer systems on the desks of all employees.

8. A company selling parts to NASA is using which e-commerce business model?
A. B2B C. C2C
B. B2G D. B2C

9. Online purchases can be speeded up by storing a buyer’s payment, shipping, and billing
information so it can be supplied electronically. That information is stored in a/an
A. smart card. C. online check.
B. digital wallet. D. digital signature.

10. A marketing tool that attempts to uncover hidden patterns and relationships between data
about a company and its customers is
A. a banner ad. C. data mining.
B. anticybersquatting. D. trustmark

11. Which database type would allow the widest variety of queries?
A. Relational
B. Hierarchical
C. Network
D. The three types are equally flexible.

12. _______ is a major focus of the office system technologies.
A. Workgroup computing C. The electronic calendar
B. Computer-aided manufacturing D. Document processing

13. An analyst identifies a delay in billing as a symptom rather than a problem, but he
recommends that the project move on to the next stage. What phase of the systems
development life cycle comes next?
A. Systems analysis
B. None, since there’s no system problem
C. Preliminary investigation
D. System design

14. Who would directly oversee the work of a data-entry operator and a systems programmer?
A. Chief information officer C. Data processing director
B. Database administrator D. Head technical librarian

15. During the _______ phase of the systems development life cycle, a company would try to
determine, among other things, whether greater employee satisfaction would make a new
system worth its cost.
A. systems analysis C. system design
B. preliminary implementation D. preliminary investigation

16. Which program design tool represents the steps a program will follow as a series of
geometrically shaped boxes connected by arrows?
A. The flowchart C. The structure chart
B. Pseudocode D. Program chart

17. In addition to conventional data records, it’s becoming necessary to store documents, photos,
diagrams, video, animation, and sound in databases. The model that accommodates this
A. relational. C. hierarchical.
B. network. D. object-oriented.

18. On which flowchart symbol would the question “Is employee married?” appear?
A. Oval C. Diamond
B. Rectangle D. Circle

19. The type of DBMS that takes the form of tables is the _______ database management
A. relational C. network
B. hierarchical D. free-form

20. A type of data manipulation that doesn’t affect the contents of a database is
A. database creation. C. file maintenance.
B. information retrieval. D. updating records.

21. The term hot site refers to a
A. popular Web site.
B. type of hyperlink.
C. designated alternate business facility.
D. Web site containing a virus.

22. Two students are discussing spam. Student A says that spam threatens privacy but not
security. Student B says that most forms of spam are illegal. Who is correct?
A. Only Student A C. Both students
B. Only Student B D. Neither student

23. Which of the following individuals is likely to risk retaliation by unethical colleagues?
A. Plagiarist C. Résumé padder
B. Whistle-blower D. Salami shaver

24. A private school you attended releases your grades without your consent. What factor
would weaken your court case against the school?
A. The grades weren’t stored on computer.
B. The school receives no federal funds.
C. You have a long-unpaid tuition bill.
D. A micromarketer already knew the grades.

25. An Internet coffee vendor learns that you live in an affluent suburb and recently bought
a high-priced espresso maker online. The information probably came from
A. marketing databases. C. hackers.
B. cybersellers. D. value-added resellers.

26. All of the folowing are privacy risks, except
A. cookies. C. firewalls.
B. spyware. D. Web bugs.

27. Sara is very alarmed by the FBI’s Carnivore and Magic Lantern programs. Which of the
following laws probably makes her happiest?
A. Freedom of Information Act
B. USA Patriot Act
C. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984
D. Homeland Security Act of 2002

28. Which of the following is an average consumer unlikely to detect?
A. Hologram C. Security thread
B. Digital watermark D. Color-shifting ink

29. Which of the following statements about digital manipulation is true?
A. Digital manipulation is illegal.
B. Digital manipulation has ethical uses.
C. Digital manipulation is a form of computer hoax.
D. Digital camera negatives provide evidence of digital manipulation.

30. Two students are discussing e-mail addresses. Student A says a throwaway e-mail
address is good to use for online shopping and discussion groups. Student B says it’s
always wise to unsubscribe from spam. Who is correct?
A. Only Student A C. Both students
B. Only Student B D. Neither student
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  the prof replied 9 years ago.
  1. C
  2. D
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B
  6. A
  7. C
  8. B
  9. B
  10. C
  11. A
  12. D
  13. B
  14. B
  15. A
  16. A
  17. D
  18. C
  19. A
  20. B
  21. C
  22. A
  23. B
  24. B
  25. A
  26. C
  27. C
  28. C
  29. B
  30. C
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
can i have help with pennfoster lesson #40561300
1. Andrew, a six-year-old, is sitting on his own and building a
“castle” with blocks. Which of the following types of play is he
engaging in?
A. Cooperative play C. Onlooker play
B. Functional play D. Constructive play

2. According to the National Association for the Education of Young
Children, a high school graduate working in a day care center for
the summer should have which of the following job titles?
A. Early childhood teacher assistant
B. Early childhood teacher
C. Early childhood associate teacher
D. Early childhood specialist

3. According to your textbook, which of the following is a potential hazard for children who
experience inconsistent and unpredictable child care?
A. They have an increased risk of contracting childhood diseases.
B. They’re more likely to develop symptoms of attention deficit disorder.
C. They’re likely to experience developmental delays and do poorly in school.
D. They may never feel safe and may have difficulty forming relationships.

4. Which of the following is the primary problem encountered in family child care homes?
A. The majority of them are unlicensed.
B. Infants and toddlers aren’t accepted in these programs.
C. Too many children are placed in each group.
D. No custodial care is provided.

5. A method that involves the use of sign language, speech reading, and hearing aids for
hearing impared children is called
A. oral approach.
B. total communication approach
C. verbal therapy approach.
D. impairment approach.

6. Which of the following best describes the renewal stage for teacher development?
A. Teachers seek new ideas and approaches by meeting with colleagues, reading
professional journals, and visiting other programs.
B. Teachers being focusing on specific tasks, such as situations that deviate from
the norm.
C. Teachers are beginning to realize their responsibilities and seek support,
encouragement, and guidance as needed.
D. Teachers are coming to terms with themselves and their profession. They seek
opportunities to interact with others and participate in seminars and forums.

7. A program that believes children benefit from participating in group activities, playing with
children their same age, or learning specific concepts may be called a(n)
A. compensatory program. C. enrichment program.
B. interactive setting. D. integrated program.

8. Group meetings can be an effective way of reaching family members. However, it’s important
to discuss what is relevant to the families. How can teachers assess what is important
for families?
A. Supply a written memo explaining what the meetings will consist of.
B. Provide a parent interest survey for family members to select topics.
C. Send out a classroom newsletter.
D. Update a bulletin board in the classroom for parents to read at their leisure.od specialist

9. Which of the following is the most appropriate teacher reaction to a two-year-old who is
singing the same song over and over again?
A. Place the child in time-out until he or she stops.
B. Encourage the child to continue.
C. Have the child play in an area where there are no other children.
D. Redirect the child to another activity.

10. Which of the following is the most common sponsor of not-for-profit child care programs?
A. Colleges and universities
B. Employers
C. Churches or religious organizations
D. Federal and state governments

11. A teaching approach in which two or more teachers have equal responsibilities and status
is called
A. career lattice teaching. C. assistant teaching.
B. team teaching. D. pyramid teaching.

12. Through its Developmentally Appropriate Practice, the NAEYC recommends a maximum
group size of _______ for four- and five- year-olds in center-based child care programs.
A. 8 C. 20
B. 12 D. 25

13. Three-year-old Matthew has been given a Big Job of wiping off tables after snack time.
Miss Laurie tells him he has done an excellent job of cleaning. Matthew’s self-esteem has
been boosted and he now has been given (a) _______ of being able to successfully clean
A. perceived competence C. self-concept
B. personal control D. self-esteem

14. Which of the following is required to serve children who have disabilities, with a mandate
that at least 10 percent of its students have special needs?
A. Not-for-profit programs C. University-affiliated programs
B. The Head Start program D. Employer-supported programs

15. A teacher who is responsible for a large group of children tends to be
A. encouraged by the children’s increased language development.
B. less able to provide the children with social stimulation.
C. more responsive to the children’s needs.
D. more attentive to the children, so fewer problem situations occur.16. Three children are in the dramatic play area. One child is pretending to cook dinner.
The second child is washing dishes. The third child is setting the table. They’re sharing
one play set of pots, pans, and dishes for the activity, but aren’t interacting with each other.
Which of the following types of play are they engaging in?
A. Solitary play C. Associative play
B. Functional play D. Parallel play

17. As a result of modern social trends, which of the following forms of early childhood
education is unlikely to be available in most communities?
A. Parent cooperatives C. Employer-supported programs
B. Not-for-profit programs D. Head Start

18. Laurie’s responsibilities at Little Tykes childcare center involve knowing the children and
families well, maintaining children’s records, conducting conferences, and ensuring a good
match between the children and learning materials. What position does Laurie have?
A. Assistant teacher C. Support staff
B. Volunteer D. Head teacher

19. A child who has problems with memory and attention and whose intellectual abilities
lag behind his or her chronological age would be described as having
A. attention deficit disorder. C. fetal alcohol syndrome.
B. cognitive deficits. D. a developmental delay.

20. According to the study titled Cost, Quality, and Child Outcomes in Child Care Centers,
which of the following statements regarding the quality of child care is correct?
A. Very few parents feel that their children’s day care centers are very good.
B. Infant and toddler programs rate better on the quality scale than preschool programs.
C. Parents feel that they have many choices regarding child care.
D. High-quality child care programs tend to cost the same as low-quality programs.
Expert:  the prof replied 9 years ago.

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