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3. This is an mRNA sequence for the name of a protein found

Customer Question

3.     This is an mRNA sequence for the name of a protein found throughout your body:

5' A AG G G U G U A G A A G C U A A G G G U 3'

a.     What is the informational DNA sequence that encodes for the word for this protein? Be sure to note the 5' and 3' ends.

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b.     What is the antisense DNA sequence that would be found in the template strand for the information sequence that you submitted as an answer for the previous question? Be sure to note the 5' and 3' ends.

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c.     What is the protein?

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d.     Explain how, in your answers to questions 3a and 3b, you obtained the sequences listed from the RNA sequence.

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C. Translation


1.     The following is a section from the template strand of DNA, which contains a nucleotide sequence encoding for the protein identified in the answer to question 3c from the Transcription activity above:


a.     What is the informational sequence that is complimentary to this sequence?

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b.     What is the mRNA that will be transcribed from this sequence?

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c.     What is the amino acid sequence for this protein? (To convert the order of the nucleotides into the proper order of amino acids in the protein, be sure to use the genetic code -- go to the lab itself for access.)

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2.     Produce a nucleotide sequence with a single base-pair substitution mutation that still produces the same amino acid sequence. Indicate the site of the mutation and explain why the amino acid sequence is not affected.

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Submitted: 9 years ago.
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