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Pennfoster Exam #01200701Decorating Today1) In what

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Exam #01200701
Decorating Today

1) In what decades was decorating style dictated by decorators and manufacturers?
A. 1890 to 1910
B. 1920 to 1930
C. 1940 to 1950
D. 1980 to 1990

2) A general document that explains payments, deliveries, and contracted work is a
A. contract
B. questionnaire
C. portfolio
D. marketing plan

3) Which on of the following is a client limitation that may hinder the decorating plan?
A. budget
B. style
C. personality
D. family

4) Which of the following areas falls in the domain of an interior designer?
A. Developing a color scheme
B. Selecting artwork for a client
C. Knowing building codes
D. Drawing a floor plan

5) Your client has an extensive home computer system. He wants it in his living room. He still wants to be with his family while he works. You develop a decorating plan that
A. places the computer station in an adjoining room.
B. doesn't allow for the computer because it doesn't fit your color scheme.
C. removes family seating for a fabulous computer station.
D. incorporates the computer and the family activities.

6) You live in an area of predominantly wealthy people. As a decorator, you would like to attract these people as clients. On a first interview with one of these clients, you should dress
A. the way you would expect this client to dress
B. casually. It's only the first interview
C. very formally. You want to be as intimidating possible
D. sloppily to let the client know you were working

7) Which of the following is a specialty decorating area?
A. Custom decorating
B. DIY stores
C. Decorating firms
D. Department stores

8) Decorators working in new home construction help clients select
A. siding
B. brick
C. window treatments
D. shingles

9) How long does it take to establish an interior decorating business?
A. One to two years
B. Three to five years
C. Six to ten years
D. ten to fifteen years

10) Marco Polo discovered the _____ influence on his travels.
A. Egyptian
B. Renaissance
C. Colonial
D. Oriental

11) Which of the following is an important skill required for a decorator?
A. Good communication skills
B. Pattern-making ability
C. A large office
D. Manufacturing background

12) The average worker has _____ jobs during his or her career years.
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 12

13) Average clients change their interior every
A. 2 years
B. 7 years
C. 15 years
D. 30 years

14) In which of the following businesses would a decorating job require the most technical knowledge of the product?
A. Furniture store
B. “Trade only” business
C. Custom decorating store
D. Retail store

15) What are the three terms you should use to evaluate your products?
A. Features, function, and style
B. Function, style, affordability
C. Benefits, function, and price
D. Features, function, and benefits
16) Your client is expecting a baby. She hires you to decorate the nursery. She wants to use an elaborate crib that belonged to her grandmother. You suggest
A. using the crib and any other antique furniture.
B. checking the size of the required bedding before deciding to use the crib
C. determining if the crib meets today's safety standards
D. buying a new crib regardless of your client's budget.

17) You're interviewing a large family with indoor pets. The clients have asked you to decorate their family room. You discover that one of your clients loves fragile, exotic fabrics like silk. You decide to present a plan that
A. uses sturdy materials that will hold up under wear.
B. incorporates silks and satins, asking the clients to keep the pets outdoors
C. includes very light fabrics and rugs
D. includes sturdy fabrics with touches of fragile fabrics in the draperies of curtains, out of reach

18) As you specialize in areas of decorating, your product knowledge will
A. increase
B. decrease
C. become specific
D. remain the same
19) The reason people call an interior decorator can be described as
A. inspiration
B. desperation
C. illumination
D. motivation

20) A decorator show house is
A. a display of your merchandise
B. a home decorated by a group of decorators
C. a home that you rent to display seasonal merchandise
D. not recommended for decorators because of the cost

Please let me know if you need any others.



1 C
2 A
3 A
4 C
5 D
6 A
7 C
8 C
9 B
10 D
11 A
12 C
13 B
14 B
15 D
16 C
17 D
18 A
19 D
20 B
Ryan and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hey man u got these other pennfoster exams?
01200800 01200500 01200600

1 B
2 B
3 B
4 A
5 B
6 D
7 D
8 B
9 A
10 B
11 A
12 A
13 C
15 C
16 C
17 C
18 A
19 B
20 D
Ryan and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you

1 D
2 A
3 B
4 D
5 C
6 B
7 B
8 D
9 A
10 A
11 A
12 D
13 A
14 A
15 D
16 A
17 D
18 B
19 B
20 C
Ryan and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you

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Ryan and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hey man I have 2 PF that no one on here never answered. So i did them and i could send you the answers exams 01505400 and 01505500
That would be appreciated if you have them. Smile
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Penn Foster
Exam 01505400

EXAM 01505500

both of these exams are 100%

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