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on a certain train the crew consists of the

Customer Question

on a certain train the crew consists of the brakeman, the fireman, and the engineer. their names listed alphabetically are Jones, Robinson, and Smith. on the train are 3 passengers with corresponding names, Mr. Jones, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Smith. the following facts are known:

a. Mr. Robinson lives in Detroit
b. The brakeman lives halfway between Detroit and Chicago
c. Mr. Jones earns exactly $40,000 a year
d. Smith once beat the fireman at billiards
e. The brakeman''''''''''''''''s next door neighbor, one of the 3 passengers mentioned, earns exactly 3 times as much as the brakeman.
f. The passenger living in Chicago has the same name as the brakeman.

What is the engineer''''''''''''''''s name?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  mba-sci replied 10 years ago.

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