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Psychology questions

Resolved Question:

1.    You receive more than one marriage proposal, and after deciding on whom you wish to spend your life with, dissonance theory would predict that you would be _____ the individual whose proposal you did accept.
A)     focusing on
B)     ignoring
C)     downgrading
D)     upgrading

2.     Regretting that you did not study very well for your psychology exam, you imagine yourself earning a better grade than the one you actually earned. This is an example of
A)     implicit thinking.
B)     explicit thinking.
C)     counterfactual thinking.
D)     the fundamental attribution error.

3.    Although your mother had to nag you to clean your room as a child, she always praised your desire to keep your room clean and orderly when you had finished. Her comments likely ____ your intrinsic motivation to maintain a clean and orderly environment on your own.
A)     increased
B)     decreased
C)     eliminated
D)     provoked
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Carter replied 10 years ago.

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