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Consumer Math

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1.   Mary Palm's checking account had a starting balance of $785.63. She wrote a check for $57.00 for groceries and a check for $125.00 for a car payment. Yesterday she deposited $57.25 in her checking account. What is Mary's current balance?

     A. $796.38
     B. $660.88

     C. $603.63

     D. $554.26

2.   Carlos Martin received a statement from his bank showing a balance of $56.75 as of March 15th. His checkbook shows a balance of $87.37 as of March 20. The bank returned all the cancelled checks but two. One check was for $5.00 and the other was for $13.25. How much did Carlos deposit in his account between the March 15 and the March 20?

     A. $11.22
     B. $48.87

     C. $125.87

     D. $162.37

3.   Glenn Andrews recently bought a new motorbike for $3,950. If he had to pay 6 percent sales tax on the bike, what was the total cost of the bike?

     A. $4,187
     B. $4,010

     C. $3,713

     D. $2,370

4.   Alice Correa bought three yards of cloth to make a dress. The cloth was on sale for $1.93 per yard. How much did Alice pay for the cloth if the sales tax was 5 percent?

     A. $2.02
     B. $5.79

     C. $5.82

     D. $6.08

5.   Mary Stevens earns $6 an hour at her job and is entitled to time-and-a-half for overtime, and double time on holidays. Last week she worked 40 hours of regular time, 6 1/2 hours of overtime, and 8 hours of holiday time. How much did she earn?

     A. $74.37
     B. $140.00

     C. $190.75

     D. $394.50

6.   XXXXX XXXXX sells suits in a major department store on weekends. He earns a commission of 5 percent on the first ten suits, and if he sells more than ten, he earns an additional 3 percent on the additional suits. Last weekend Juan sold thirteen $250 suits. What was his commission?

     A. $147.50
     B. $185.00

     C. $210.40

     D. $260.00

7.   Phil Smith is a car salesman. Last week his total sales amounted to $27,650.00, and he received $1,382.50 in commission. What is his rate of commission?

     A. 23 percent
     B. 17 percent

     C. 5 percent

     D. 4.8 percent

8.   The tax rate on Harriet Walker's $80,000 vacation home is 20 mills. The property is assessed at full value. How much will Harriet Walker pay in taxes this year?

     A. $2,000
     B. $1600

     C. $640

     D. $440

9.   From net earnings of $740 per month, Ginger Elliott must spend $200 for her portion of the rent on an apartment she shares with two friends. What percent of her net income is her rent payment?

     A. 27 percent
     B. 32 percent

     C. 38 percent

     D. 73 percent

10.   XXXXX XXXXX makes $9.75 an hour. He works four hours on Monday, six hours on Tuesday, five hours on Wednesday, five hours on Thursday, and seven hours on Friday. What is his gross pay?

     A. $132.70
     B. $174.20

     C. $263.25

     D. $269.98

11.   Victor Malaba has a net income of $1240 per month. If he spends $150 on food, $244 on a car payment, $300 on rent, and $50 on savings, what percent of his net income can he spend on other things?

     A. 300 percent
     B. 64 percent

     C. 43 percent

     D. 40 percent

12.   John and Mary Billings own a condominium with an assessed value of $110,000. If the tax rate is 25 mills per $1.00 of assessed valuation, how much tax do they pay?

     A. $2,750
     B. $1,840

     C. $1,420

     D. $1,200

13.   Moneys taken out of a salary for such things as taxes, medical insurance, and retirement funds are called

     A. contributions.
     B. commissions.

     C. deductions.

     D. exemptions.

14.   The gross income of Ginger Hughes is $215 per week. Her deductions are: $15.16, FICA tax; $29.33, income tax; 2% state tax; 1% city tax; and 3% retirement fund. What is her net income?

     A. $57.39
     B. $157.61

     C. $170.51

     D. $202.10

15.   Henry Devine bought a new dishwasher for $320. He paid $20 down and made 10 monthly payments of $34. What actual yearly interest rate did Henry pay?

     A. 14.55
     B. 29.09

     C. 34.38

     D. 68.75

16.   The letter of application is intended to

     A. find out what the prospective employer has to offer.
     B. remind the prospective employer of your recent interview.

     C. outline your value to a prospective employer.

     D. accompany your portfolio.

17.   Suppose your bank honors a check for which you don't have sufficient funds in your checking account. This action means that you've arranged beforehand for a/an

     A. overdraft loan.
     B. personal loan.

     C. mortgage loan.

     D. installment loan.

18.   What is the reading in kwhr of the electric meter shown in the exam figure below?

     A. 0631
     B. 1641

     C. 1732

     D. 9742

19.   Jim paddles from one shore of a lake three miles wide at 4 mph, and John paddles from the opposite shore at 5 mph. How long will they travel before they meet?

     A. 20 minutes
     B. 27 minutes

     C. 1 hour, 24 minutes

     D. 3 hours

20.   If three bags of birdseed cost $14.16, how much will 14 bags cost?

     A. $30.34
     B. $33.71

     C. $66.08

     D. $70.80
Question #1: (B)
785.63 -57.00 -125.00 +57.25 = 660.88

Question #2: (B)
56.75 - 5.00 - 13.25 = 38.5
(The balance the bank reported minus the two uncleared checks gives the true balance on March 15)
His (checkbook balance) on March 20 was 87.37 - 38.50 gives the answer of 48.87 deposited

Question #3: (A)
3950 * 1.06 = 4187
(The price times 106% - the cost of the bike plus the 6% tax)

Question #4 (D)
3 * 1.93 * 1.05 = 6.0795 which is rounded to 6.08

Question #5 (D)
(40*6) + (6.5 * 9) + (8*12) = 394.50
regular + overtime + holiday

Question#6 (C)
(250*0.05 *10) + (250*0.08*3) = 185.00 call - I'll be back in a second with the rest of them

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