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A. Describe the biological changes that occur in late ...

Customer Question

A. Describe the biological changes that occur in late adulthood and how health and fitness affect the aging process.
B. Contrast the overall decline of memory, language processing and problem solving abilities in late adulthood with benefits of practical knowledge and experiences they offfer.
C. Explain the biological, psychological, and social and cultural factors that affect people's ability to cope with dying.
D. Discuss how grieving the loss of a loved one is influenced by individual and circumstantial factors.

Please answer these four question in 1000 words or more.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mike Teflon replied 10 years ago.

Hello Antonio,

Welcome and thanks for your question.


People suffer from geriatric problems in their late adulthood. The geriatric problems are those problems which are brought about by aging process. Elderly people suffer from improper vision, deafness, joint pains, malfunctioning of nervous system, failing health apart from mental problems like psychological rigidity, orthodoxy, mental exhaustion apart from others. These problems suffer the senior citizens and create hindrances in discharging their daily routine activities. Their fledgling health brings indifference among other family members as they increasingly depend on others to simple activities. The internal organs lose their efficiency and pain perception decreases as nervous system gets inefficient. The brain impulses are less active to touch, sound, taste and other sensory organs. The overworked organs do not cooperate anymore and digestive system is impaired, thus giving rise to improper absorption of vital nutrients. The overall efficiency reduces and some people suffer depression due to overwhelming physical debility.


The working memory is the worst hit as brain cells die, worn out or rendered impotent. They cannot easily remember things or recognize individuals. Their problem solving ability diminishes and their overall individual contribution reduces. This could potentially instill negative esteem in elderly people and cause them untold misery. However, the knowledge and experiences they gained in a life time cannot be removed from them as these are vividly remembered in the procedural memory of an individual. The experience of being in different situations and the best way out they suggest to young people is of great value and they are often fondly XXXXX XXXXX the same. They can help young people wriggle out of potential threat situations with their timely advice and experience. They can give them a systematic account on how to approach a situation to get maximum success and are regarded as guiding lights.


Every individual knows that death is imminent. However pioneering and distinguishing work in one's own life brings them satisfaction and make them take death lightly. These achievements instill a sense of accomplishment and cultivates a sense of pragmatism and practicality. Social recognition and social respect make them feel that they have special place in the hearts of the people and leaves them with enduring satisfaction. This prepares them for the inevitable. They will develop psychological strength wherein the thought of death does not bother them at all. The cultural values that they imbibed all through their life do not let them worry and allow them to accept death gracefully.


Death of a loved one is always painful. However an individual or circumstances can significantly affect the grief either positively or negatively. For example an individual can explain the mourners of a deceased member that death is as natural as birth of a human. This is reality and one should take in his/her stride and look forward to future. Life does not stop for anyone and materialism is important as long as humans continue to live on earth. A person can remind them of the good deeds the departed individual effected and can encourage them to follow in his footprints and to do that they should move on and catch up with life.

Sometimes, circumstances can drive the grieving to leave the deceased behind and move forward. This kind of situation is usually seen in a war scenes as people leave behind their loved ones who perished and move away to save their skins. This is heart-rendering but is still true. The recent examples being Gulf war and war in Afghanistan.

I hope this will help. please click accept, if you like my answer. thanks for your feedback and any bonus.


Expert:  Mike Teflon replied 10 years ago.

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