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64. A juggler has a bag containing four blue balls, three ...

Customer Question

64. A juggler has a bag containing four blue balls, three green balls, two yellow balls, and one red ball. The juggler picks a ball at random. Then, without replacing it, he chooses a second ball. What is the probability the juggler first draws a yellow ball followed by a blue ball?

4. Which of these variables are discrete and which are continuous random variables?
a. The number of new accounts established by a salesperson in a year.
b. The time between customer arrivals to a bank ATM.
c. The number of customers in Big Nick's barber shop.
d. The amount of fuel in your car's gas tank.
e. The number of minorities on a jury.
f. The outside temperature today.

14. The United States Postal Service reports 95 percent of first class mail within the same city is delivered within two days of the time of mailing. Six letters are randomly sent to different locations.
a. What is the probability that all six arrive within two days?
b. What is the probability that exactly five arrive
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Alex replied 10 years ago.

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