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Can someone please help with basic english

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Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Verbs
Questions 1-25: Select the one best answer to each question.
1. Which one of the following sentences includes a possessive pronoun?
A.She stood up for people's rights.
B.He is a mighty opponent.
C.Its paws were caked in mud.
D.She will never agree to that.

2. Which statement is true about this sentence: "Few Americans speak fluent French"?
A. There is only one adjective in the sentence, and it
modifies French.
B. The one adjective in the sentence modifies the subject. C. The verb in this sentence could be an adjective. D. There is an adjective modifying both the subject and
the object.

3. Based on the words in parentheses, which one of the following sentences needs a past participle?
A. Last night, parents (gather) at the elementary school. B. We have (eat) late every night. C. They just (finish) breakfast when the phone rang. D. (Look) out for snakes, we moved through the swamp.
Questions 4 and 5 are based on the following paragraph. The paragraph contains some words that aren't capitalized when they should be. It also contains some words that are capitalized when they shouldn't be.
We left King ranch on a december day in 1873. On the Santa Fe trail, we hit bad weather. The Red river was flooded and it took us four days to get the Cattle across. All in all, it was a hard trail drive, but we got our Longhorns to the railroad at Abilene.
4. Which one of the following words should be capitalized?
A. WeatherC. Drive B. River D.   Railroad&n bsp;
5. Which one of the following words should not be capitalized?
A. KingC. Cattle B. RedD. Abilene&nb sp;   
Question 6 is based on this sentence.
Conrad and his sister will sing a duet in the concert.
6. Which one of the following sentences is an accurate statement about the sentence?
A.The sentence has a compound subject.
B.The verb in the sentence is in the present tense.
C.The sentence has no object.
D.The pronoun his is an object pronoun.
7. Another name for the predicate in a sentence is a/an
A. noun.C. object. B. subject.&n bsp;D. verb.
8. Which one of the following sentences has a subject pronoun?
A.The car is mine.
B.Her books were overdue at the library.
C.We stood together on the issue of civil rights.
D.Our house was full of mice.

9. Which of the following plurals is incorrect?
A. AgencysC. Labels B. Factories& nbsp;D.Halves
10. Read this sentence: "Norman ____ algebra." How would you fill in the blank with the present perfect tense of the verb study?
A. studiedC. had studied B. has studied&nb sp; D. will have studied
11. The sentence "Lucy called Linda on her day off" is confusing because
A. the antecedent of the pronoun is unclear.
B. it has two subjects.
C. the verb called is irregular.
D. we don't know what the word called actually means.
12. Which sentence contains an incorrect plural?
A.If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
B.I hate traffic delays.
C.The parties ended around midnight.
D.We spotted the foxs late in the afternoon.
13. The past tense of the verb go is
A. gone.C. went. B. going.&nbs p;D.   go.
14. A/an ____ verb ends in ed in the past tense and in the past participle.
A. helpingC. being B. regular&nb sp;D.   action
Questions 15 and 16 are based on the following sentence.
Last night, Lucy and Neil met Morey in Gramercy Park.
15. The object of the verb is
A. Lucy and Neil.C. Gramercy Park. B. Morey.&nbs p;D.   night.
16. The predicate of the sentence is
A. Lucy and Neil.C. in. B. Morey.&nbs p;D.   met.

17. The tense of a verb indicates A. time. B. agreement.
C. whether a verb is singular or plural. D. whether a verb is regular or irregular.
18. The most common rule for forming plural nouns is
A.adding -es to the word.
B.changing the y to / and adding -es.
C.dropping the last letter and adding -/es.
D.adding -s to the word.
19. An object pronoun takes the place of a/an ____ in the object part of a sentence.
A. verbC. adjective B. different pronoun&nb sp; D. noun
Question 20 is based on the following sentence:
Although it was old and needed a lot of work, Carla knew this was the house for her.
20. In this sentence, what is the antecedent of the pronoun it? A. workC. house B. Carla  ;D.   her
21. An adjective can describe both a
A. noun and a verb.C. verb and an adjective. B. noun and a pronoun.&n bsp; D. pronoun and an adjective.
22. In the sentence "Mary caught a frog," the common noun serves as
A. the subject of the sentence.C. the object of the sentence. B. the predicate of the sentence. D. both subject and object.
23. Choose the correct pronoun to complete this sentence: I hate to loan my books to people because they often forget to return ____. A. themC. me B. it&n bsp;D.   us

24. What is the adjective in the sentence The red truck was parked behind the garage"? A. redC. parked B. truck  ;D.   behind
25. Which one of the following sentences contains a predicate adjective? A. The teacher appeared angry when Dave forgot his homework. B. I brought my lunch for the first time this year. C. What does this hard lesson teach you? D. We scanned the distant shore for signs of life.

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