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how did hitler conquer austria and czechoslovakia

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Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Brian Barnes replied 11 years ago.
Hitler did not actually conquer Austria. He annexed it, Auschliss, in Austria. As far as Czechoslovkia is concerned, he invaded it after already splitting Poland between Germany and the Soviet Union. There were many ethnic Germans in part of Czech. because Germany was forced to give up some of its territory after its defeat in WWl. Therefore he thought it was only right that Germany should get this land and people back. Many in Czech. agreed. However, because of this the Allies, Great Britain and France did not stop Hitler and let him conquer it. This is when Chamberlain said that there would be"Peace in our Time." Militarily the Germans used the Blitzgrieg "total war." This quick mobile method of war was new and the Germans quickly overwhelmed the Czechs.

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