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Questions 1 - 20: Select the best answer to each question.

1. Which of the following is spelled correctly?

   A. Embarrassment
    B. Embarassment
    C. Embarrasment
    D. Emmbarassment
2. A good feeling, a sense of mental buoyancy is called

   A. euphoria.
    B. euthanasia.
    C. euphony.
    D. eulogy.
3. Affluence means

   A. poverty.
    B. praise.
    C. wealth.
    D. triteness.
4. A trite statement is called a(an)

   A. bromide.
    B. eulogy.
    C. anodyne.
    D. euphony.
5. Reincarnation means

   A. slaughter.
    B. a meat eater.
    C. a collection of all things.
    D. return to life in a new body.

6. Which of the following is spelled correctly?

   A. Grammer
    B. Grammar
    C. Gramar
    D. Gramer
7. Which of the following is spelled correctly?

   A. Suprise
    B. Suprize
    C. Supprise
    D. Surprise
8. Which of the following is spelled correctly?

   A. Receive
    B. Recieve
    C. Receeve
    D. Resieve
9. Which of the following is spelled correctly?

   A. Alrite
    B. Alrighte
    C. All right
    D. All rite
10. The correct spelling of a word for letter writing material is

   A. stattionery.
    B. stationary.
    C. stationery.
    D. stashunery.
11. To _______ a patient's pain is to offer some temporary relief.

   A. elevate
    B. alleviate
    C. intimate
    D. levitate
12. An acute feeling of homesickness is

   A. euphemism.
    B. badinage.
    C. nostalgia.
    D. cacophony.
13. Which of the following is spelled correctly?

   A. Noticeable
    B. Noticible
    C. Noticable
    D. Noticeble
14. The correctly spelled word is

   A. procede.
    B. superintendant.
    C. coolly.
    D. arguement.
15. The correctly spelled word is

   A. drunkeness.
    B. analize.
    C. ukulele.
    D. sieze.
16. The correctly spelled word is

   A. wierd.
    B. ridiculous.
    C. redundent.
    D. dissappear.
17. To compare a person to a fox, you would use the adjective

   A. porcine.
    B. equine.
    C. vulpine.
    D. ursine.
18. If you keep changing your mind between two choices, you're

   A. vacillating.
    B. recapitulating.
    C. enervating.
    D. commiserating.
19. To give a hint about something is the same as to

   A. imitate.
    B. vacillate.
    C. simulate.
    D. intimate.
20. Which word is spelled incorrectly?

   A. Separate
    B. Incidentally
    C. Pronunciation
    D. Occurence

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