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What are three main end products of digestion?

Resolved Question:

Name the three main end products of digestion and indicate a main use of each in the body.

Name the glands present in a monograstic stomach and indicate a function of each.

Compare and contrast fibre digestion of cattle/goats with that of horses/rabbits.
(Discuss both similarities and differences.)

Explain the roles of each of the following.gizzard
pro ventriculus

What are the main functions of the liver with respect to digestion and utilization of nutrients.

A dog consumes a dog food containing 20% protein. Describe how digestion occurs for this nutrient, indicating all the steps including both chemical and mechanical digestion from the time the food enters the mouth until the time nutrients are absorbed.

The formation of urine in the kidney depends upon three processes, filtration, re absorption, and secretion. in detail, describe each of these three processes.

Name two hormonal control mechanisms of kidney function and give one factor causing the release of each into the bloodstream, and indicate the resulting action.

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  DrTutor replied 11 years ago.

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