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4. The Senate power of advice and consent does not apply ...

Customer Question

4. The Senate power of advice and consent does not apply to: XXXXX XXXXX orders. B. Federal judges. C. ambassadors. D. the chief justice
5. In a felony case, the purpose of a grand jury is to: A)decide is the offender should be tried by a jury. B)judge on a civil indictment. C)decide if the evidence warrants prosecution. D)judge the merits of the case against the state constitution.
6. The system of checks and balances failed under XXXXX XXXXX when he: A)passed the Wagner Act. B)failed to repeal the patriot Act. C)acted against a ruling of the Supreme court D)declared war without a declaration of war from congress
7. If You visit the senate chamber during a session on an average day, you're most likely to find the session presided over by... A)a speaker for the house. B)a president pro tem C)a vice president of United States D)the majority leader.
8. In the states, cities, and townships, traffic courts are courts of limited... A)jurisdiction. B)appeal C)claims D)pleas.
9. What was the purpose of Franklin Roosevelt's WPA?... A)To prepare America for victory in World War II. B)To improve the quality of health care in America. C)to improve America's relations with foreign powers during the Cold War. D)To help get America through the great depression.
10. On a tour of several states, you discover a county governed under a state law that permits home rule. The county chooses its own form of government. You're probably in the state of.... A)Oregon B)Texas C)California D)Iowa
11. Today, people being arrested are read their right. The right to remain silent is guaranteed under.... A)The fifth amendment. B)Roe vs. Wade C)Marbury vs. Arizona D) the first amendment
12. Suppose you have the job of assigning the proper number of house representatives seats for various states. To do that, you must know the ________ in the state. A)apportionment B)number of counties C)population D)number of districts
13. Suppose you walk into the capitol building in Washington and ask to interview the most prominent person in the entire Congress. If you're lucky, you'll get an appointment with the... A) president pro tempore of the senate. B)speaker of the house C)vice president of the united states D)chair of the house appropriations committee
14. If you're a member of the U.S. Navy, your organization is part of the.... A) Depart. of Defense B)Depart. of transportation C)Depart. of the Interior. D)Depart. of Commerce.
15. Why did Elbridge Gerry if Massachusetts redraw the congressional districts in his state? A)to get a president elected. B)to give each major party fair representation C)yo get elected to the Senate D)to give his party unfair advantage
16. Suppose you're studying the forms of city government. To do that, you visit the old cities of Boston, Massachusetts: New Haven, Connecticut: and Providence, Rhode Island. What form of city government were you most likely to find in these cities? A)commission form B)city manager form C)board of supervisors form D)mayor-council form
17. The house of representatives has the special power to... A)vote to impeach a government official. B)conduct a trail of impeachment if approved by the senate C)impeach a government official who has been found guilty by the senate D)impeach members of the senate but not the house
18. if both the president and the vice president are unable to fulfill their duities, who takes over president? A)president pro tempore of the senate B)speaker of the house C)secretary of state D)attorney general
19. One main difference between the United states Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions ... A)don't have bills of rights. B) Cant be amended C)don't provide for a legislature. D)are much longer
20. Suppose Bill HR612 is currently in congress. One thing you know about the bill is that it.... A)originated in the house of representatives B)has been vetoed by the president C)has no riders attached. D)in currently in committee.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Al Ladin replied 11 years ago.
A. executive orders

c. decide if the evidence warrants prosecution
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Al Ladin's Post: why did u only answer two questions? Im not paying you for that when I already paid you $5 for one question, sorry!
Expert:  Al Ladin replied 11 years ago.
C. the Vice-President of the United States
Customer: replied 11 years ago.

that is wrong, the answer is president pro tem

I already did the test on my own a little while ago

You're just trying to make the most money you can out of me, no thank you

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Al Ladin's Post: wrong!
Expert:  Al Ladin replied 11 years ago.
As we discussed earlier, the vice president becomes president if the president dies while in office, or is removed from office. If the president and the vice president die while in office, or are removed from office, the Speaker of the House becomes president

You do not have to pay if you do not want to.

Would you like me to continue answering these questions?

I did not mean to upset you.

It just puzzled me that you were willing to pay $5 for one question but only $6 for 17 question.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.

The first question was really just a mistake, I never used this service before. If you want to answer them, go ahead.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Al Ladin's Post: The answer is president pro tem
Expert:  Al Ladin replied 11 years ago.
C. population
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Al Ladin's Post:

why are you only answering them one at a time?

Can you please just answer questions: 10,11,16, & 19
Expert:  Al Ladin replied 11 years ago.
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