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song music

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1. One of the major forms of African American religious music is the

   A. hoedown.
    B. spiritual.
    C. holler.
    D. blues.
2. The thumb piano used in African music is called a

   A. mbira.
    B. tombak.
    C. gonje.
    D. ud.
3. A type of American folk dance tune is a

   A. blues song.
    B. holler.
    C. gutbucket.
    D. breakdown.
4. A Balinese instrumental group is called a

   A. kajar.
    B. guru.
    C. gamelan.
    D. raga.
5. Which one of the following pairs of instruments is typically used by Chinese musicians?

   A. Pipa and erhu
    B. Veena and pungi
    C. Rebab and ud
    D. Tombak and double bell
6. Which one of the following suggests a characteristic of folk music?

   A. Notation
    B. Uniformity
    C. Improvisation
    D. Static nature
7. The verses of a song are often referred to as

   A. pitches.
    B. notes.
    C. beats.
    D. stanzas.
8. A _______ is a melodic pattern in Indian music designed to express or produce a specific feeling.

   A. tala
    B. raga
    C. karnataka
    D. tabla
9. Which one of the following statements describes a characteristic of African music?

   A. It's based on a system of simple rhythms.
    B. The audience often participates in the performance.
    C. The main instrument is a type of guitar.
    D. It encourages a great deal of improvisation.
10. A triplet is a

   A. rhythm that has three notes to the beat.
    B. chord with three notes.
    C. time signature that indicates three beats to the measure.
    D. folk song that incorporates three different instruments.
11. What type of story is often related in a ballad?

   A. Religious
    B. Historic
    C. Humorous
    D. Sad
12. A _______ is an Indian instrument with 18 strings.

   A. timpani
    B. veena
    C. sitar
    D. bhava
13. Which one of the following Native American tribes produced music that featured wide-ranging melodic lines and men singing in high, falsetto voices?

   A. Navajo
    B. Pueblo
    C. Plains
    D. Apache
14. A seven-note scale that is neither major nor minor is often referred to as a

   A. chord.
    B. mode.
    C. tone.
    D. strophe.
15. A ______ in Indian music can include as many as 128 beats.

   A. ballad
    B. gonge
    C. tala
    D. bhava
16. A _______ is a Mexican song that tells a story.

   A. mestizo
    B. corrido
    C. bolero
    D. son
17. Which one of the following instruments is most commonly associated with the music of Japan?

   A. Shakuhachi
    B. Tamboura
    C. Drone
    D. Koto
18. Songs composed of several different verses are referred to as

   A. strophic.
    B. iambic.
    C. tonic.
    D. specific.
19. How many notes are in a pentatonic scale?

   A. Three
    B. Seven
    C. Six
    D. Five
20. Which one of the following topics would most likely be the topic of a broadside?

   A. The adventurous lives of sailors
    B. A sad love story
    C. A contemporary labor strike
    D. Prayer of thanksgiving

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