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Dr. Zaheer
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I have neuropathy. My feet are numb as well as my lower legs

Customer Question

I have neuropathy. My feet are numb as well as my lower legs up to the knees. I walk with a cane. I am careful and cautious. But I have fallen three times in the last two months. Fortunately, I have not fractured a femur or collar bone yet. My upper right arm where it connects to the shoulder remains sore. I move it slowly to avoid the pain. My lower back, around the hip bone is very sore, grabs me if I'm not careful. My lower back is painful when I arise in the a.m. and takes awhile before the pain subsides. I find my recliner which is motorized helps to loosen me up to a degree, thank goodness! Perhaps you have a remedy which might act as an anti-inflammatory. My primary doctor has prescribed muscle relaxers, also a gel called Voltaren Gel, which is quite expensive and with many warnings; also acetaminophen codeine. I have favored homeopathy for years, but unfortunately, my health care insurance is a standard one. I am 89 years old. But I still seek a little comfort for my body. :) Your suggestion please. I have used Boiron and Hylands homeopathtic remedies from time-to-time. Please let me hear from you. Thank you very much. Floyd Kite
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homeopathy
Expert:  dr_jane replied 1 year ago.

Hello Floyd

This is dr_jane, I am a classical homeopath. There are a number of things you can do to improve your level of comfort and make life more pleasant for yourself. But firstly, what is the cause of your neuropathy? Are you diabetic? Also, which homeopathic remedies have you used and responded to in the past?

Expert:  dr_jane replied 1 year ago.


If you would like to respond with answers to the above information, I will be happy to make some recommendations.