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I want to take my 22year old daughter of risperidone the

Customer Question

Hi I want to take my 22year old daughter of risperidone the first time I tried she exhibited aggressive behaviour what homeopathic remedy can I put in place as well as weaning her off currently she takes 0.5mg morning an 1mg at night of risperidone
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homeopathy
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 2 years ago.


Homeopathic remedies do not replace drugs.

they do not even work that way

And why do you think you are qualified to do this?

I am not sure I understand the situation.

Why is she on resperidone?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear Dr Thomas
Thank you for your blunt reply not firstly she was put on risperidone for a one off episode of psychosis does she exhibit that now no but she is on a drug that gives her side effects weight gain acne and let's not forget the body can become dependent on these drugs. Of course I am not a qualified doctor and would not and have not ever tried to wean her off without medical supervision!!! My question was a valid one and did not warrant such a reply if you felt you did not understand then maybe you should not have replied. Homeopathy does not work like conventional medicine but there are remedies that can work alongside conventional medication!!!
Please do not reply further to my question as I will seek answers elsewhere thank you.
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 2 years ago.


Of course I can answer the questions; your question was not at all clear until now.

I am a classical homeopath as well as a double board certified MD.

Thank you for your clarification.

You did not say that you had medical supervision, or that you wanted homeopathy as adjunctive application.

To further elucidate, there is no "remedy to replace" her drug. There is no way, ever, that one could safely be told a correct remedy on the internet based on the fact that she has psychosis. There is no such thing as a remedy "for" psychosis.

What would have to happen here is that a classical homeopath would have to analyze her case. This requires and interview and physical exam. The process on average takes 4 hours the first visit, before a remedy selection. There are 3000 remedies which have to be narrowed down to one.

This selection depends on her how life, medical history, emotions, mental symptoms and physical symptoms, as well as constitutional symptoms. It also depends on how well she can communicate, and a number of other factors.

So, as I first implied there is no way to do what you were asking...tell you a remedy for her to take. " ...a remedy I can put in place as well as weaning her off...."

That would not be homeopathy, and it would cause problems to simply stop resperidone in one who has psychosis.

Psychosis can be treated successfully with homeopathy, but that requires an ongoing set of visits with a homeopathy, one remedy at a time, and careful monitoring. Each remedy, if correct at that time, might go through successive dilutions. The remedy might change depending on each remedy reaction. All of this decision making requires on going care, many years of practice and correct training on the part of the homeopath.

One list of classical homeopaths can be found here

Good luck.

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