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Rusty, Engineer
Category: Home Theater-Stereo
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Pioneer VSX-524: Connects

Customer Question

Pioneer VSX-524: Connects with WI-U, Black screen with Sony BD, flickering with Apple-TV. I have swapped the HDMI cables. The WI-U works on all HDMI ports. Any suggestion?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Home Theater-Stereo
Expert:  Aric replied 2 years ago.
Hello and sorry you're having problems. I may be able to help, but I need to ask for more info. 1) How long have you owned the receiver for and when did the problem occur? 2) Which HDMI cables have you tried replacing? 3) If you connect the Apple TV and Sony BD directly to the TV- do they display without flickering? 4) Have you performed any resets, or changed any settings on the receiver since the issue occurred?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

1) the receiver was bought today

2) since the WI-U is working, I've been using the input cables from the Apple TV with the WI-U and the WI-U is working. So it is not a cable issue

3) When I connect BD to the TV or a HDMI computer screen it is working without any issue. I just updated the BD software (firmware?)

4) first setup

Expert:  Aric replied 2 years ago.
Please unplug the Pioneer receiver from power, then remove all HDMI connections. Wait a minute then plug them back in- ensuring they're tight on both ends of the equipment. Plug the receiver back into power and then try it again. If the issue is still there, it would still be worth trying other cables- since HDMI is digital and finicky by nature. For example, I have about a dozen cables here- all but one will work on my LG TV, and only half will work on my Vizio- so testing the cable with another device is not a conclusive test to ensure the cable is not the problem. Let me know what you find. Also, how far from the receiver is the TV (how long of a run is that HDMI cable)?
Expert:  Aric replied 2 years ago.
Do you need assistance with this?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I've done the routine twice. No progress.

Apple TV cable is OEM.

Currently testing with a HDMI computer screen. Cable is 1.5 metre. No problem with WI-U through receiver. No problem connecting BD direct. Not working through receiver

In working condition, receiver is connected to a 1080p projector. Cable is premium HDMI, 8 metre.

Expert:  Aric replied 2 years ago.
On your last points, are you saying the receiver projects ALL sources to the projector with no issues, but will not project to the PC monitor (with the exception of the WI-U)?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Wi-U works on all ports with all cables. Apple TV and BD on none.

This is true for both PC screen with short cable or HD projector with long cable

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Any more advice? Issue not solved.

Expert:  Rusty replied 2 years ago.
Hello, my name is Rusty. sorry you're having trouble with your new receiver. The upscale on these receivers can sometimes have trouble. Plug your BD into your projector, bypassing the receiver. Adjust the resolution to 1080i, to bypass the progressive scan. Do the same with your Apple TV. Now plug them back into your receiver, and tell me the results. Be sure to turn off your equipment before connecting or disconnecting your HDMI cables to avoid "hot patching", which can damage your equipment.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Rusty. After last week discussion with Aric, I decided to send the receiver back to the retailer. We connected it at the shop. The machine was defective and they replaced it! So much for buying some new equipment!

Consequently, you are not required to assist me anymore.

Thanks for your assistance. Kindly refund me of the contractual amount.